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I have major hot flashes, Can anyone give some advice on natural herbal remidies? related questions

  • 1I have major hot flashes, Can anyone give some advice on natural herbal remidies?

    Help ! I have tried many things and nothing seems to help. I do not want things recipe. Thanks in advance

  • 2Which natural product is working for hot flashes?

    I lost my left ovary cancer to couple of years . I wake up as often during the night and it's hard to go back to sleep again . I am against prescription drugs that the doctor would give me . Thank you !

  • 3Natural relaxants and herbal teas?

    Yeah, I suffer from anxiety problems. I'm emetophobic (fear of vomiting) which sets off the anxiety. Anyway, I was looking for some herbal teas that work as natural relaxants. I've found chai tea and green tea help me settle down a little if I start to feel anxious but I need something that can calm me right in the middle of a panic attack. Does any one have any suggestions? The stronger, the better... but it'd be nice if it wasn't so strong that it's put me to sleep. And if it was easy to find, that would be handy. These are only preferences, any suggestions would be great. Thanks

  • 4How to cure Insomnia if sleeping pills don't work? But not using natural herbal remedies?

    What if I already have insomnia and you do not know what is the cause ? If sleeping pills do not work what would be next ? Could anxiety or depression causes insomnia ?

  • 5Advice about college major/career path? Please please give your input! Sorry this is somewhat long.?

    * Seeking a little objective advice about my college / career. - I will be a junior in college this fall. I feel insecure about many aspects of my life, which I think is normal at this age (I have 19). - Today I am a corporate communications major with minors in dance and psychology. This major has a very high placement rate at my school (more than some of our highly qualified business students) and has a core of communication studies, such as courses in interpersonal communication and organizational options drawn from public relations, marketing, management, and communication and other business courses. I chose this major because I had an interest in all these areas and had considered them all as majors at some point. I dabbling in different fields to go college courses is great because you learn a lot more about the job anyway in college. I feel my main I get a little knowledge about a lot of things, and gives me the opportunity to have a lot of different jobs, at least until you gain experience in an area substantially. But sometimes I wonder whether it would be better to have a larger more specific as public relations or marketing. Especially since many people do not know / understand what is important to me explain it to me. Is that bad? I usually get a positive reaction, but when I say the name and then I explain what it is. Reflections on if a good commander and help me get a job assuming gain some internship experience? - I also seriously considered majoring in social work or psychology, I'm very interested in. I love helping others and I think it would be a rewarding career that some things may end up doing with my current principal will more than likely focus substantially on the results of a company, but I'm a little intimidated by the intensity of these fields, especially social work with high burnout rare and generally low pay. In fact, I'm minoring in psychology because I think a degree that does not help much unless you go to graduate school right away, I do not think that is something I want immediately after graduation. Also I was not 100 percent sure anyway. I thought the least have the option to get some kind of graduate degree at a later date if desired. I this a viable idea? - I have also considered ignoring my interest in social work at the moment, as both a school, perhaps trying some different volunteer work consistently to see if it is really something that could handle like a race. I maybe could earn a master's degree in social work after because from my research this seems to offer much better pay and job opportunities anyway. - I think my current plan is to keep important because I think it is the most practical, and allows me to work a little with my degree. I still do not feel sure what I want to do, but I think the best remedy for that is to go out and really work some jobs full time to see what I do and do not like. I guess that's part of the benefits of taking time off before college, despite taking time off now not an option for me. Therefore, I think it best to stick with my current career (especially to ensure graduating on time and avoid the original debt), keeping my interest in social work and psychology alive to possibly pursue a level below graduate, as long as I feel less wishy washy on its continuation. But what if I do not feel less and less wishy washy and my interest in these fields is really my heart pulling me to do more? Or am I just getting cold feet about actually committing to any specialty? Gosh, I do not know! Does my current plan seems to be a decent one, and why you believe it or not believe?

  • 6I 've had insomnia for many years&tried many things,Can any one give me a natural remedy?

    I have tried tilo &naturals and prescribed pills.I can go to sleep but can't stay asleep.

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  • 8Is cymbalta used for hot flashes?

    Cymbalta is used for hot flashes ?

  • 9Please can you give me a little advice?!?

    Well, I have 15 years and I started to get into psychology , I have been

  • 10Can someone please give me some advice?

    I'm a junior in high school and I have been thinking about college a lot. I am planning to double major in psychology and musical theatre. After college I want to get my masters and my psy.d so I can be a clinical psychologist. I know I will be in school for a while, but I really want to help people and psychology really interests me. But there is a problem. I sing and I am involved with musical theatre. I still want t be able to perform or teach. Will I still have time to do this with a career as a clinical psychologist?

  • 11Can someone please give me advice?

    I have 18 years and currently in my first year of college . It seems that since the 11th grade , I have completely lost any desire in academic tasks . I can not concentrate . Friends and family constantly annoy me "just do [ my ] work " , but that opening Psychology textbooks seems that the last thing in my life that I want to do . I've seen a couple of doctors about depression and related issues in the past two years , but I always seem to end up in the same situation again. Now I'm on the verge of failing out ( my current ACP threw me for a year) , and it seems that there is nothing that leads me to do anything about it . I usually sleep 10-12 hours each night and lose most of my classes . I usually read the online diagnostics of different conditions , but I know I can not diagnose. I also find that sometimes I feel like I'm exaggerating and there's nothing really bad , but if that's the case , why am I in this situation ? What should I do ?

  • 12What is the GRE Like? Please Give Advice?

    I am a college student psychology major you want to be admitted to a doctoral program in clinical psychology . What's on the GRE ? Explain each section . Also, should I take a psychiatric test subject ? What doesthat consisit of ? Thank you.