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How can I get past this nightmare? related questions

  • 1How can I get past this nightmare?

    I've been to all the specialists only in my state , every doctor and every idea is wrong . When I was 4 I was hospitalized for severe constipation for 5 days. From age 4-13 who had constipation to the point where using a laxative dependent (used all kinds to the point that I have acquired a tolerance to all) that if I wanted to go to the rest room . In 2009 , when I was 14 I had open heart surgery to combat my aortic stenosis , replacing my aortic valve with a mechanical valve and put me on blood thinners ( coumidan ) for the rest of my life . Since my heart surgery my stomach problems have gradually gotten worse . My symptoms are 24/7/365 constipation , joint pain , muscle aches , as mysterious scar lesions that appear for no reason on my back , headaches, nausia , tired all the time , weight gain and so little just a lot of discomfort , pain, and no light at the end of the tunnel . I have not been able to lead normal lives , the second I was born, I am mentally prepared for what may or may not happen to me , I'm so tired of pain, both physical and mental depression this

  • 2School is becoming a nightmare. Please help?

    I have a hearing problem it is significant and mainly keeps me from hearing human voices clearly. High and low noises are much louder and often painful. I also have severe tinnitus (buzzing and ringing in my ears) that is exacerbated by spending time in noisey environments. I am in my 30s and in beauty school at a public votech. My hearing loss is relatively new. When I started school in January, I discussed it with my instructor, but he seems not to understand. There are some girls in the class who my carpool partner says sit around and gossip about me right in front of me. They have been saying that I had a drug problem in my 20s but not to my face and they get away with this because I can't hear them doing it just inches away from me. They have spread this gossip to even my instructor and I think he believes it. It is so akward and I don't want to be the person always whining, so I've started to avoid class, even though I am paying out of pocket while everyone else is on federal grants that I don't qualify for. I am trying to get help w/ my hearing but it is a slow process going through the testing. I also have high blood pressure and my medication has recently had to be adjusted due b/c my bp is very high and it exacerbates my tinnitus and it with my tinnitus I get frequent headaches. These girls whisper and cackle and the loud laughing hurts my hears. I was out today and my teacher said to my car pool ride that he hopes I am dropping out. He is so unfair. My car pool friend was out the other day and he gave her credit for the entire day by clocking her in and out. I was out for a doctor's appointment that day and I didn't get any credit. He says that I have to get a doctor's note to come back to school. I made an appointment w/ the psychologist at my doctor's clinic tomorrow. I have social anxiety and a fear of going back to school now. I need her to help me deal with my depression and anxiety and fears and to write a note that will get these absences excused and get me back on track. I am not really behind in my school work, in fact I was rather upset that I sat in that class for the first 2 months but he didn't have anything for us to do b/c he did not yet have our texts or beauty kits. Please tell me what I need to do tomorrow in speaking w/ that counselor to get the help I need. Thanks!

  • 3Please help me analyze this nightmare I just woke up from!?

    My adult daughter and her two daughters and I move to a house that is in a semi- rural area . We went to different places and people we have beds for each of us. I seem to remember that the house otherwise decorated . I think we're good to go somewhere or are we supposed to get ready for bed. In any case , the house was full of people I do not know . I do not remember if it was going to be a party or what, but it had something to do with the plans of the previous owner ( in the dream I know this is an old lady , but I can not give this information in the dream ) had done before leave. My family seems to take all this in stride , but I'm angry ( IRL I have social anxiety and get nervous in crowds ) and start yelling at people to get out. I do this for what seems like a half hour more (I know , I know, sleep time ) , and then for some reason decided to take a shower . There are people all over the bathroom as well, including the bathtub ! After a lot of screaming (I'm not a screamer IRL ) I have finally cleaned the bathtub . I undress and go in and turn on the shower , but they are made ​​of 4-way I have to pull curtains , and meanwhile people are looking at me , even from the dining room , which is visible when a transparent wall ( window , really ) . It feels like I'm in peace for the shower in less than a minute , when people start getting in the bathtub fully clothed me. I scream and push to try them out . At one point a man enters the tub and says that since I'm naked anyway, he and I might have sex . He looks at me and says

  • 4I'm Stuck In The Past And I Need Help?

    I'm experiencing a bit of a depression, because of the fact that I'm getting older. I'm having a tough time leaving behind my childhood (which was the greatest time of my life), but now I am slowly being forced to trade the life I once knew for adulthood. I've been very Preoccupied with my past lately, and i just can't seem to let it go. I miss being in third grade the most, it reminds me of a simpler time, when life was so simple and so easy. I miss waiting for the next installment of my favorite video game franchise (which was, and still is "Tony Hawk's"). I still remember when "Tony Hawk's Underground" came out, it was 2004, and I was very excited to have bought the game (a game which I still play to this day). I also miss waiting for and watching the very much anticipated "Harry Potter" movies, which I would watch as they came out. But slowly, as the years went by, to my horror, things began to change. The "Tony Hawk's" game franchise eventually ended in 2007, all of the "Harry Potter" movies finally came out, and the people that I've know have changed, moved away, or have become very successful and have me behind. I remember being ten years old, and watching "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" on "Toonami" every afternoon after coming home from school. Everything has changed since I turned eighteen, and now the thing I fear most is getting older. Unfortunately for me, my 19th birthday is next month on the 30th, and I am dreading it! What Can I do? How can I slow things down? Why does everything have to happen so quickly?

  • 5It's 7am and i can't sleep for the past month?

    I have a night shift , but only on weekends . However, it is totally ruined my sleep schedule all week . I just got tired around noon and then sleep for a long time ( this should be the amount of time spent sleeping at night) and then I can not sleep at night ..... I need this job because I am a college student. I do not know what to do

  • 6Girlfriend's past and friends...?

    I lost my virginity to my girlfriend, but she has had sex before, and done stuff with another guy. At first it didn't really bother me but as I got closer and closer to her it started bothering me a lot, and it does. I mean, it's normal I feel like, and I really feel like I love her and eventually the sadness towards the past will go away.. But her friends always talk about her past, she hates it and I hate it but they do it all the time, constantly comparing me and always telling me stories about her first time or something like that.. Especially when she's not around. I already have major depressive disorder + situational depression because of stuff going on in my life + depersonalization disorder and it's extremely hard for me to deal with and I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some real advice because I can never think straight and I don't start therapy for a little over a month.. Real answers, please?

  • 7How did they deal with suffering in the past?

    referring today to clinical psychology is peaking and antidepressants and therapy and all that so people do not have to suffer at least completely . But how again before this people are suffering ? I've been through a lot and only got through it because of antidepressant therapy and how can you go through constant pain , not being able to enjoy things in life and may not even get married , have children or anything only live in constant agony and sadness just want to know how ?

  • 8Help!! Need advice on past caution.?

    When I was 13 I was arrested and cautioned for shoplifting. I never repeated the crime and told police he was going to have a clean record if he kept out of trouble for five years . This was 7 years ago and now I had to have 3 CRB checks to work in a school and my current work as part-time care assistant , three of which have shown the crime . So far I do not think the blip on my record would be a problem . However, I am trying to get a job in the NHS as I am currently in my final year of a degree in psychology and wants to be a clinical psychologist in the future. It seems that the NHS is not like juvenile records like this! As I keep getting rejected and I can not think of any reason , but caution that me being rejected my application online , before I have even emailed Obviously not for lack of experience I'm being rejected as it is jobs health care that have been asking , I have experience : S I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get this removed from my record , and police said he would, but have not ? ! Or if I should give up wanting to work in healthcare and clinical practice ?

  • 9How Do I Get Past My Anxiety Issues?

    I have major depressive disorder, and whenever I'm in the car to go somewhere with people (i.e: driving to the mall to meet with friends) or even going to a concert by myself, I get violently ill. I get terrible stomach aches and diarrhea, and then when I get there and go to the bathroom I'm fine. How can I combat this? I'm 13 by the way.

  • 10Hurting from my boyfriends past?

    Jordan is one of my boyfriends first. My ex abused me and cheated on me all the time . It made me feel very bad for me and I want nothing to do with him . So Jordan has had 25 or so gf before me. He started out very young and he says he has said that he told them he loved them and would never leave. Or at least some of them said . Bj has come , and eats a girl . He wanted sex with a lot of them . I really liked a lot of them . I want to know its history , but it hurts me because I've never gone that far with anyone . I have had sex before ... Big mistake . but he said he had also had sex before . But now he says he does not have to it, and I recently had sex . He tells me he loves me , but it's hard to believe. He tells me that will never leave me . It is impossible to believe. He says he loves me . I'm not sure what to think about it . He tells me that I do not want to eat because it is dirty , but he has eaten a girl before . His last gf are really nice and thin. But I have stretch marks literally everywhere , but I'm not fat or ugly . I have some fat in the hips , many in my stomach , my ass and my thighs . I get jealous easily and I have a severe case of clinical depression . What should I do and how I can deal with the pain of all your past relationships ? I mean ... There is much more that happened to me down and the pain , but I guess things to share is the most important for me to say. Please help me figure out what to do . I'm hurting so bad on your last girlfriend was so perfect and how he was fine with doing certain things with other girls and not me . Please ... Help ? He and I are both 15 and yes, I know he is too young for true love , but at least it's something .

  • 11It's 7am and i can't sleep for the past month?

    I have a night shift but only on weekends . However, it is totally ruined my sleep schedule all week . I just got tired around noon and then sleep for a long time ( this should be the amount of time spent sleeping at night) and then I can not sleep at night ..... I need this job because I am a college student. I do not know what to do

  • 12I've been really depressed the past few days?

    I have 20 years of age. As a teenager he suffered from very bad depression. I was on antidepressants since I was 6 years old , and to be totally honest - I think I just made ​​it worse. At age 17 I stopped taking the drugs. My doctor would like 8 different antidepressants at the time, and very high doses . Since the arrest of medicines , I feel much better. I almost never depressed. I can not remember the last time I felt depressed as I do now (which was years ago ) . A lot of major changes taking place in my life right now . One is that I quit my job of four years . I was working in a day care of children since I was 16, but I really feel they are taking advantage of me . I am all a pushover , so I never had the courage to stand up for myself. Finally got to the point where I left off. I'm going to school for early childhood ed and I really want to focus on my eudcation . (more details coming soon)