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QHow can I get past this nightmare?

I've been to all the specialists only in my state , every doctor and every idea is wrong . When I was 4 I was hospitalized for severe constipation for 5 days. From age 4-13 who had constipation to the point where using a laxative dependent (used all kinds to the point that I have acquired a tolerance to all) that if I wanted to go to the rest room . In 2009 , when I was 14 I had open heart surgery to combat my aortic stenosis , replacing my aortic valve with a mechanical valve and put me on blood thinners ( coumidan ) for the rest of my life . Since my heart surgery my stomach problems have gradually gotten worse . My symptoms are 24/7/365 constipation , joint pain , muscle aches , as mysterious scar lesions that appear for no reason on my back , headaches, nausia , tired all the time , weight gain and so little just a lot of discomfort , pain, and no light at the end of the tunnel . I have not been able to lead normal lives , the second I was born, I am mentally prepared for what may or may not happen to me , I'm so tired of pain, both physical and mental depression this


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How can I get past this nightmare?

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