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QCan i get a medical marijuana card for social anxiety, depression, migraines, and anger?

I was wondering if I could get an MMC for social anxiety , depression , migraines and anger issues ? Honestly, I have all these symptoms . I have migraines often , and I'm pretty sure all my concussions . My depression is every day , all day . I really do not like to tell people , because I have no idea of what was going to think of me . My anger issues are horrible .. I get angry when I get angry , but the funny thing about it . Increasingly im being crazy , I get super- depressed . Now I know that I usually go to counselors for social anxiety , but I just I can not talk to one . I once had a year or two years , and every time I went in she always talks to me . I honestly never said much . Just the thought of a counselor freaks me out like a frightened way .

Now , before I used mm , but not always. It always makes me feel normal , as I have talked more fit , my migraines never bothered me , I was obviously happy , and never angry at anything.

I know my doctor will prescribe pills , but I just can not take pills . I do not want to raise my livers , taking pills . So, is there anyway i could my mmc for this?

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#1Carolina SilesAnswered at 2012-12-26 03:07:31
{ name } state medical marijuana - paste into a search engine ! It depends on the conditions permitted by state law MMJ . Talk to your doctor
#2turiAnswered at 2012-12-30 23:17:52
anyone can get your medical card , really .. as long as you have $ and a reason " legitimate." hit up Venice , or find a medical marijuana doctor . you are very likely to get a card in the facility. just explain your situation . good luck !
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Can i get a medical marijuana card for social anxiety, depression, migraines, and anger?

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