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  • 1Information on Criminal Psychology?

    Okay , so one of my favorite shows is Law and Order SVU ( Special Victims Unit ) Faveorite One of my characters in the program is Dr. George Huang , who is played by BD Wong . Dr.Huang is a criminal psychologist and an FBI agent . I wondered what kind of education is needed to become a criminal psychologist . What are some colleges that I could get a degree in Criminal Psychology ? Any help / advice would be helpful. thanks ( :

  • 2Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been looking online and I see a bunch of links to criminal psychology , but then end up being about forensic psychology . I'm thinking about going back to school for a degree in Psychology with the ultimate goal of focusing on criminal psychology, but I can not find any information about how to go about obtaining a doctorate in it. Are there sources I should consider?

  • 3Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been searching online and I see a lot of links to Criminal Psychology but then they end up being about FORENSIC Psychology. I'm planning on going back to school for a BS in Psychology with the ultimate intent of focusing on Criminal Psychology but I can't really find any information about going about getting a PhD in it. Are there any sources that I should look into?

  • 4Criminal Justice/Police Patrol Officer Information??

    I'm 15 years old, and I am a sophomore in High School. I have been definitely thinking about becoming a Police Officer, and that is what my career choice is as of right now. I was researching and found you need 4 years of Criminal Justice schooling. I looked around at schools and saw that a Technical College in my area offers a Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. I also saw they do Psychology testing, as well as Physical testing to become a Police Officer. I asked my dad about becoming a Police Officer awhile ago, and he said that becoming one is extremely difficult. He said something like 100's of people apply per year, and only like 10-20 are accepted. Is it really difficult becoming a City/County Patrol Officer if you have the schooling? The area I live in is generally small, with about a 36,000 Population or so. All info is appreciated!

  • 5Criminal psychology with bachelors in criminal justice?

    I am a freshman at Strayer and am majoring in criminal justice , but what I want to know is if after getting my degree I can pass criminal becomeing a psychiatrist ? And there is a difference between criminal psychology and forensic psychology ?

  • 6Double Major in Criminal Justice and Psychology or Criminal Justice and Sociology?

    I will attend Saint Leo University in the fall . It will be online , and I say that it looks bad , because neither my career nor finished transcripts indicate that the degree online . He just said Saint Leo University. Finally I want to work for either the CIA , the U.S. Secret Service , The FBI , the Department of Homeland Security. I have looked at the requirements and so on , so I'm not looking for that. I'm looking for opinions on whether to Double Major in Criminal Justice and Psychology and Sociology and Criminal Justice . Thank you guys .

  • 7What are the right steps to take towards becoming a criminal profiler or forensic/criminal psychologist?

    in UK :) I really want to progress into one of those 3 professions - I'm having trouble finding definitions of each job or if they're actually pretty much the same thing. Also, i would love to know what you think about my future academic plans and if they need changing: 1. AS/A2 levels - Psychology, Sociology, Biology, History. 2. Undergraduate degree in psychology 3. Postgraduate (Doctorate) degree in clinical psychology? or not? If you have any better suggestions please let me know, Thank you x (:

  • 8I have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice but I want to be a criminal psychiatrist?

    What I have to do to become a psychiatrist . Back to school , of course , but what more ? Is it possible to go to medical school with a title like criminal justice ? I wish I had majored in psychology !

  • 9What is the difference between criminal justice major and criminal law?

    I want to change criminal laws , however , I can no longer important in criminal law and through college , I major in criminal justice as a student ? Or just focus on Pre -Law and my other major ( psychology )

  • 10Information on psychology?

    Please tell me things about being a psychologist , I had a lesson on it at school and I was very interested in it . What fthings or Need ( phd etc ) to be one ? Any information that would othere good ( salary , experience hw much you need , etc. )

  • 11I need information on Psychology!!?

    I plan to be a psychologist when I get out of college , so can anyone help me and tell me what I have to get grades in college and what schools I have to go for what could be a psychologist .

  • 12Information on school for psychology?

    Need to talk to a psychologist who is willing to give information on psychology .. ic an't questions found on the internet .. Thank you !