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QHow do you find a job ?

Stop. I'm not referring to the result list.

I'm talking about networking .

Currently I have a solid work - although impasse can be. I have a degree in Psychology and has 6 years experience in my field of work independently within three county using the school system , the community and the extensive knowledge of state and local programs to use as resources to help people I work with .

I need more of a challenge .

Problem: The jobs that I am qualified for are generally obtained by someone referring to the person for the job (program director and the like) , so I can not only search on . I live in a rural area and against the rest of the free world , these communities do not hire

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#1PLEASEEEEEAnswered at 2012-12-22 11:54:15
Do you attend conferences - No bet .
#2Melissa CoronaAnswered at 2014-05-08 17:06:53
It may be worth visiting a local Job Service company. A temp to hire. They tend to be plugged in and can help head hunt a job for you. Be aware that it doesn't cost you money but if they help place you with a company they may get a finders fee and that may cost you a little up front in 1st year salary. Also they can help you spruce up your resume so that when even you on your own are ready to search you have the best tools in your pouch. The other thing that I would recommend up front is that you have your priorities listed from 1-5. Make certain that if a job comes along you can weigh it against your priorities to make certain that you aren't just going the other side of the road because the grass looks greener. Good Luck Happy 2008
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How do you find a job ?

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