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QCan i have an anxiety disorder and depression at the same time?

Hello , this is my first time asking a question , I just wanted to know if I can be depressed and have an anxiety disorder at the same time ? Basically , I've been going to my new counselor for a few weeks , mainly for my anxiety and other issues such as self esteem and confidence . Anyway , we often talk about my anxiety and all that is being in social situations . My counselor also said I have mild to moderate OCD you know it's an anxiety thing . Anyway , I am often concerned about many different things. In my last session , briefly mentioned that i may be depressed . It is not a surprise because I thought I've been depressed for several years . I have very low moods, feelings worthlesness and hopelessness , worthlessness , tired all the time , not interested in anything I liked , and many , almost all symptoms of depression . But the thing is that I'm confused about co - ocurring depression with anxiety . This is because , I thought depression that I do not care , do not want to get up in the morning (which is true for me personally ) . But , when I am extremely anxious about certain things and how people see me ect . So , how I can have both? Probably when I'm anxious some stuff I care , so then there is depression ? Or can my general mood be depressed, and anxious moments when it appears anxiety disorder ? Sorry if I'm rambling , I hope I have explained well, I have 16 years and only needs some explanation , please ? Thank you !

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#1hailieAnswered at 2013-01-22 08:06:57
im 13 and I have lots of anxiety disorders , including OCD and paranoia . and I'm depressed. diseases and disorders of the labeling is very difficult considering that many of the symptoms and what not are the same or nearly the same. it is quite possible to have both. Being depressed is not really wanting to do something and not worry about the things you used to be visited so if you are depressed and if you have an anxiety disorder, then I do not want to do anything and not worry about their old interests , but taking note that you have low self -esteem and confidence that could become paranoid about what others think of you. which is very common . Many people are depressed and anxiety disorders while because in most cases go together .
#2TalliAnswered at 2013-03-03 21:43:30
hi yes every way , both in the same time show anxiety from stress
#3DorianAnswered at 2013-03-20 09:27:04
yes you can.
#4umaAnswered at 2013-04-07 15:53:47
Of course , many ppl have more than one mental disorder . I have ocd depression anxiety and panic attacks with hyponcdria .
#5helen mimisAnswered at 2013-05-02 14:10:09
It is very common for people to experience anxiety and depression at the same time. ...
#6DYAnswered at 2014-05-11 07:16:32
Hi! i understand why you're confussed! i too have been diagnosed with both depression and an anxiety disorder. Although i do not know exactly why both can happen i do know for a fact they can. I would just try and be as open and honest as you can with your doctor so you can be prescribed the correct medications and start feeling so much better! Good luck with everything! it does get better!
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Can i have an anxiety disorder and depression at the same time?

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