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QCan you beat anxieties without medication, but instead using cognitive psychology?

I was taking Lexapro , I withdraw from it without consulting my doctor , its been three months know. The first month was horrible, I thought it was going to commit suicide ( but I did not I'm still here ) know I feel much better , I have anxieties occasionally , but I do not want to take any medication (I refuse to , Lexapro was taking all my aggressiveness away , I felt like doing nothing most of the time , I had a very

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#1ToshiAnswered at 2013-01-10 18:33:14
yes it was before anxiety attacks alot remember to stay away from drugs and driking driking makes u feel anxious days after drinking milk healthy wat !
#2pradeeAnswered at 2013-03-02 00:31:28
IF YOU CAN ! I have had anxiety in the past and I know how horrible it can be. It takes a lot away from your life . People who can not define anxiety instantly think of her like crazy , but this is not true . Hear me loud and clear its NOT! Although still thinking about suicide does not mean your crazy . What do people do when they can not handle something quit ( et They take the easy way ) and this is what you're doing. Do not ever think that something is wrong with you get that in your head. You do not need medication. That what society tells you to keep your business . Listen when you feel this overwhelming sense tell yourself to relax or to say STOP IT { and } your name You can do this I believe in you . If I can do it I know you can . Take a few deep breath , clear your mind . And do not forget to pray. If not for my faith in God , I would still be going through the same . If you do not find in a church is a great feeling . If you are not going to church right know , keep praying and God will guide you. :-) Stay positive and if you need someone to talk to just email me at any time and go from there. Another thing 30 minutes before bedtime list everything that is in your mind on a piece of paper and a list of what you can do to change ; objectives . If there are things you feel you can not get the value changed to accept. This will help you relax and get a good night 's sleep. Things will improve .
#3lasheenaAnswered at 2014-03-01 16:00:24
I am working on it myself .... lol
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Can you beat anxieties without medication, but instead using cognitive psychology?

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