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QCollege/Transferring help please?

I attend Queens College and am a freshman . I have not yet significant . My GPA is a 3.868 . I live in Queens , so my college is not far from me. I kind of want to experience

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#1Stumped againAnswered at 2012-12-22 21:37:59
Did you mean: - Fordham - NYU - Rutgers ( alrdy said , the best option ? ) - Vassar ( noncommercial law ..) -Columbia ( to get there ) - Cornell (possible ? ) - Binghamton ( quite far and not close to home .. good choice ? ) - Boston University ( now ) - Boston College ( now ) - Penn State University Park ( now , but a cheaper state school as well ? ) You are correct that Stony Brook is to the sciences . But New York public schools are mainly upstate so far from home and most of them are not worth it to go from Queens College which is a solid school . The only ones really worth SUNYs IMO they are better than Queens ( and CUNYs good for that matter) are Buffalo , Binghamton , Stony Brook , and Geneseo . Unfortunately , Buffalo and Stony Brook are science schools . If you can afford to soldiers listed above , any of them could make good decisions. On the bad side ... Most schools allow scholarships to transfers as the last thing you put money on (ie , giving money to prospective freshmen first and leave the rest for transfers ) .
#2pegsAnswered at 2013-03-23 13:06:51
My cousin goes to Cornell University in Ithaca , New York , but its an Ivy League , so it will be a bit hard to get but try your luck anyway , also of the University of new York I hear is big so you could also try a shot at it . For all I know , I think Rutgers will probably be a good game , I have a friend who goes there and they like what they probably would. Good luck
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College/Transferring help please?

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