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QStudying abroad in the UK?

Hello ,

I'm looking to study abroad in the UK , but I live in California , so I have no idea where to start .

I have A's and B , I do a lot of singing in chamber choirs , and I want my MD / PhD in Neurology .

I have ADD ( difficulty focusing ... constant hyperactivity is not ... that's ADHD ) , but I can still keep up with a little more effort .

CP took classes for most classes and IB ( HL ) Biology , English and Psychology .

Does anyone have any suggestions for 4-year colleges that offer the degree of MD / PhD dual , but are really super

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#1saphireAnswered at 2012-12-14 12:49:02
Check it out here . It is an excellent site with some wonderful options for you . That will certainly help . Have a look .
#2valetinoAnswered at 2012-12-31 21:39:34
I think you 're confused you can not get a degree of MD / PhD in four years , unless you already have a BSc / BA and the UK does not have an MD program . But medical school is a bachelor who is five years in which the first three years is based university and I think the last two are the work experience . The cost of each of the first three years , at current exchange rates and depending on the school , is about $ 40,000 per year . When taking into account other expenses and assuming you are out of London , then the total cost per year in the UK will be approximately $ 60,000 ( based on the current exchange rate ) . This means that it is likely that finance this yourself and get a proper visa to study in the UK . The rest of your questions are not clear and therefore I can not answer them. Can you clarify what you mean by ' fierce '? You can also clarify their classes , since I'm not familiar with the kinds of PP , IB ( HL ) classes in the U.S. ?
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Studying abroad in the UK?

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