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QShould I Choose UCLA or UCB?

I admitted to both UCLA and UCB , psychology
I'm an international student , after studying at a community college in Los Angeles for three years .
So I'm a little more familiar with , and seems to be much easier to get to Westwood ( UCLA where he is ) .
My parents insist that UCB is more famous than UCLA in our country , but I do not think there's much difference . Both are excellent schools .
Below is information about me:

My career goal is to become a psychotherapist . So I worry more internship opportunities to do research .
I am a relatively quiet person , but I'm very interested in watching people of different cultural groups .
Also, I have the intention to continue my Masters in France , after completing two years of study at UC.

Thanks for taking the time to a question so neat ....

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#1JoannaAnswered at 2012-12-15 10:03:56
I go to UC Berkeley for fall 2011 . However, UCLA and UCB are the two colleges, so do not think you should choose between the two based on their prestige . If you prefer to UCLA for whatever reason, go for it . Heard the campus is pretty impressive .
#2neenee01Answered at 2012-12-25 11:28:01
Does it matter if UCB is more famous ? You still have to attend graduate school specializing in psychology , so choose the one you feel most comfortable (especially considering it is an international student ) . Which, if any, would UCLA. Both are prestigious schools .
#3MiyakoAnswered at 2013-01-24 14:54:51
You should go to Harvard instead.
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Should I Choose UCLA or UCB?

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