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I think I have depression or social anxiety disorder but no one believes me? related questions

  • 1I think I have depression or social anxiety disorder but no one believes me?

    I went to the doctor with my mom and told her that I feel

  • 2I suffer from C-PTSD, social anxiety, panic disorder, chronic insomnia and major depression disorder?

    I started seeing a psychologist (I see him every week) at the start of this year and started seeing a psychiatrist about 2 weeks ago. I've been on an array of anti-depressants and a whole bunch of different anxiety meds over the past 6 months. But I still can't see a big improvement. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week, but right now I just have a general question. For over a year now I have always felt this very strong desire to become intoxicated. Doesn't matter on what substance, I just do not want to feel the way I do. It is especially prominent at night when I am trying to sleep (yet cannot succeed). I disagree with the chronic abuse of drugs, but I can't stop myself from thinking this. Is this normal? Is it ever going to go away? and what can I do to try and help myself right now.

  • 3How do get diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder?

    I have all the symptoms of social anxiety disorder and deppression and I'm not sure where to go so you can see if you really are .. I keep telling my parents about it and continue to insist that there is nothing wrong with me and I 'll just grow out of it , but I would rather see a professional just to check . Thanks xx

  • 4Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts?

    Is it possible to have both? I've got all the symptoms of depression (self harm, suicidal thoughts/plans, loss of interest and motivation, trouble sleeping, feeling worthless) and I'm going to try to make a doctors appointment and get it sorted. But I heard about Social Anxiety Disorder from a friend and googled the symptoms, and it sounded just like me! I get really panicked if I have to do something like go to speak to a teacher or on the phone, and I always rehearse it in my head, get really stressed, and spend ages thinking about how badly I did in the situation afterwards. I like being with my closer, trusted friends; but in the corridors at school or in class I just have my head down and stay quiet to avoid getting noticed. I've had panic attacks in public places because I feel so ugly and inferior to everyone else and get really worked up and paranoid and ... argh, it's hard to explain. When I get really worked up I just feel like I want to die, and I've impulsively ran out into roads/cut myself before, and I'm worried next time I panic I'll be somewhere where I could do myself harm ... I don't want to die, not when I'm calm anyway! :S So yeah, can you have them both at the same time? And what can I do about it? I'd rather not go to a doctor/psychiatrist because I'm really scared of them. I know, I'm pathetic.

  • 5What's the best treatment for social phobia with depression, anxiety &borderline personality disorder?

  • 6Anyone have or had Social Phobia(Social Anxiety Disorder)?

    And if you overcame it, how did you do it?

  • 7Social Anxiety Disorder Please Help?!?

    Well, I was watching a program being manic - depressive , simply because I thought the program looked interesting. But while I was watching , I , however , out of curiosity , I'd like to see what it feels like to be Bi - Polar.Manic - depressant. After some research , I found a link to a site that had a test for social anxiety disorder for adolescents . Well, I took the test and I have almost certainly said SAD . I know this is not a diagnosis , so I went to look for some of the actual symptoms of people my age ( 15 ) thereof . I basically , I think what I have . I have all the " symptoms " of it. My mother was not going to do anything about it , I once thought I had OCD and it took ages for me to have the courage to tell her and had a go at me and told me I was being silly . So, I told my mother in this case will not happen. Although , before this, had been a kind of insinuation that I have these feelings , but I do not really know about SAD and before I knew it , was already showing signs of this. I want to know if you really have , so what I can do from here ?

  • 8Social anxiety disorder?

  • 9Am i just shy, or is this social anxiety disorder?

    I am a girl of 13. If you ask anyone in my school to describe me , they will certainly say

  • 10Best medication to treat minor OCD, social anxiety, general anxiety, and mild depression?

    I've always been a little OCD. Whenever I closed all the doors of my house before going to bed, close the cabinet doors, occasionally if I have one side of my face that I have to meet and touch the other, ect ect. This is accompanied by social anxiety, which is what I'm really trying to address here. It has negatively affected my life in a way too. I am so surprised that he never even underground, because I've never been there before and do not know how to order food or make the sand. Do not go into social situations if I'm not 100% comfortable or familiar with them. It all started in my teens too. I also suffer from general anxiety. I stress over the little things and I worry about stupid. And I think all this is topped by a mild depression that has made terrible, insecure and distrustful. To the point where you almost do not speak in school to avoid comments mean by classmates or any other form of mockery. (My school is a pretty average, if you go to my school they experience at least some form of bullying and this has not helped my depression and social anxiety at all) My school is at least partially responsible, in my opinion, for rapidly diminishing my confidence and social life I lived in the time he started hitting puberty. Anyway is not what is wrong with me the question is what is the best medicine? I tried Paxil, but as soon as I doubled the dose, as directed by the doctor, I was severely depressed. Depression as I have never felt before. So things went cold turkey and the worst of withdrawal symptoms was depression. I'm pretty sure my chemical dependency drug is to blame, but when she came out of the depression was a strange mixture of boredom, frustration and sadness deep rooted. Anyway I'm done with that and I would like some advice from people who are similar to me and take any medication SSRIs or anxiety. Or if your doctor, nurse, or even remotely educated in medicine answers are highly appreciated. I really need the help of his uncle. I'm an emotional wreck, chemically unbalanced right now.

  • 11Are these the symptoms of SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER?????

    1) fear of talking to strangers , even some relatives . 2) feel very uncomfortable at social gatherings could not talk to anyone 3) could not speak freely with friends , sometimes even afraid to pick up their phones . 4) do not feel like going out to meet people and family 5) fear of talking to people in general. If so , should I go to a psychologist or psychiatrist first first . I am also suffering from depression ( dysthymia ) . then is the cause of this anxiety disorder or a disorder that is completely independent of depression . ? ? ?

  • 12How to overcome Social Anxiety Disorder?

    Tomorrow I am going to a Christmas party my boyfriend's family is throwing. 50+ people are going, and I won't know any except my boyfriend (I only know his mom; she isn't going). I REALLY don't want to have a panic attack in the middle of the party and I REALLY don't want to make myself look like an idiot in front of his family. Does anyone know how I can calm myself? (without meds)