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QI think I have depression or social anxiety disorder but no one believes me?

I went to the doctor with my mom and told her that I feel

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#1MdrouAnswered at 2012-12-11 17:21:08
I have generalized anxiety disorder and my dad says it's all in my head , but there are so many physical symptoms that they can not relate to because it is a disorder in which ... [email protected] email me and I will answer some questions you may have ..
#2SusanaAnswered at 2012-12-14 18:00:46
oh me too . I have the same feeling . Like , some days I can be happy and I guess days ' normal ' , but I am very angry with myself for no reason and I just get angry people easier . computer is not a thing at all, that's a lot of shit . true , diet and exercise can cause a bit of natural energy and happiness , but not much . you're right that 's not the main reason , is all neurological / chemical . if you do not sleep very well , that could be the problem ... personally I 've noticed that if I wake up feeling well i usually spend the day with no problem , but if I can not experience most of the symptoms you describe at some point or throughout the day . You could try a sleep aid , but be careful because these things can become addictive and all.
#3MarAnswered at 2013-02-05 14:36:40
As one of the most frustrating things about depression is that many people do not understand and end up giving stupid suggestions like " just exercise
#4Marilyn GreenAnswered at 2013-02-23 07:59:50
You said yourself that
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I think I have depression or social anxiety disorder but no one believes me?

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