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QSymptoms panic/anxiety disorder?

severe dizziness, anxiety about anything, feeling when I'm lying down , butterflies in the stomach , chest tightness , rapid heartbeat , shortness of breath , it feels like the ground is moving ( just like the feeling when you are in a boat and feel off balance sheet) when I stand or walk , turn , depression . ok so those are all my symptoms and I go to my doctor tomorrow to be looking , but I'm really scared ! ive researched panic / anxiety disorders and I am 100 % sure I have it. Can all types of anxiety disorders / panic 100% cured? ? ? ? ? ? I know some people say they just do not think about it and relax , but most people with anxiety disorders know that's no help at all ! I just want to be normal and not experience these feelings again dreadfull . Thank you.

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#1the manAnswered at 2013-02-18 11:15:07
It does not really sound like your panic / anxiety you have. Rapid heartbeat is a symptom of anxiety / panic , but the rest of the symptoms sound like something else and symptoms of this sent . this can / can not be cured , but it will take more than one night . With proper medication that will help, but it could be something that will be long . I suffer manic depression ( bipolar depression) and panic / anxiety . How to know if you relax and not think about it does not help if you do not try ? It always helps me , but when I really concentrate.
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Symptoms panic/anxiety disorder?

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