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  • 1Arizona Medicinal Marijuana?

    I just moved to Arizona to benefit from using medical marijuana and being able to medicate legally . I am staying in a hotel right now and working on getting an apartment and work . My symptoms are stress , depression and pain . What steps do I have to follow to get a card? Thanks in advance

  • 2What are some medicinal uses for marijuana?

  • 3What are some diseases or conditions that are treated with medicinal marijuana?

    just wondering.

  • 4Whats a good substitute for medicinal marijuana?

    I smoke marijuana for anxiety , depression and mood swings evil . However, I just moced from Los Angeles to Las Vega , where products and legality are both incomplete . Im tired of paying $ 20 a G for shwag . Is there something I can replace easily attainable rhat marinuana looking for? Spices not a substitute ad the first person to say that salvia is a moron . Like that annoying fred says: I NEED MY MEDICATION !

  • 5What are a list of symptoms one can get a prescription for medicinal marijuana for?

    if you cant find a full list a couple symptoms would be great.

  • 6Would a 16 year old be able to acquire a medicinal marijuana card in Alaska? ? ?

    I have possible insomnia and possible depression. Never officially been certified by a doctor though. Believe me when I say that I feel I legitamately have these problems. Especially in the winter when there is only a few hours of daylight. I feel as if the darkness has been effecting me and I have often considered suicide. I also sometimes go days without sleep. I stare at the ceiling. Or my clock. Waiting for the next day. If anyone knows please, help would be appreciated.

  • 7What is medical marijuana prescribed for in Arizona?

    I wonder if anyone has had personal experience obtaining health card in AZ , and what condition it was prescribed . There is an obvious list of conditions that marijuana is treated , but I need something that works without proof ( documentation / medical tests ) . Arizona is not as lax as the California system , so it has to be something more legitimate. Thanks for the help !

  • 8Suffering from chronic insomnia, CONSIDERING MEDICINAL MARIJUANA, pls share advice/experiences? PLEASE HELP?

  • 9Arizona State or University of Arizona for Psychology.?

    I am graduating high school and plan on being a Psychology major in college. I applied to both of these universities but can not totally decide which is better for me. I don't like Tucson but i know U of A is a higher ranked school overall. I can't find anything comparing the Psychology programs of the two schools so help me out please.

  • 10Non-medicinal help for Insomnia???

    I can not sleep . Really. I've always had trouble sleeping , but this is ridiculous . I'm exhausted beyond rational thought . I can not take any sedatives ( have had reactions to Ambien and several others) , I reduce my caffeine ( I drank because I was so tired from lack of sleep ) , I'm not stressing about everything for you , etc. Sex relaxes me , but does not help me sleep . I tried several herbal remedies , but do not help. Everything I 've tried relaxing , but do not actually help me sleep . I 'm going to bed at 10 o'clock at night , tossing and turning until about 1 or 2 am , sleeping occasionally until about 5 or 6 , and then sleep HARD from 6 to about 7:30. .. that is when I have to , with great effort , get my butt out of bed to go to work . Any idea ? I'm open to anything ... I will fight with a rabid badger if it will help me sleep .

  • 11Why is marijuana good or bad for you? If you are anti-marijuana, why?

    I want to hear both sides, I have heard lots of pros and cons, but if you are anti marijuana, why are you? If you support legalization, why do you?

  • 12Most popular medicinal herbs for garden?

    I am starting a Chinese medicinal herb garden and just wanted to know what are some of the must have herbs that I should get?