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Can depression and anxiety make u feel weird all the time? related questions

  • 1Can depression and anxiety make u feel weird all the time?

    I really do not I have anxiety attacks just because I feel weird all the time also has to produce these symptoms for chest pain , stomach pain and stiffness and pain of a well can make u feel her breathing also lack adequate energy may cause physical problems that have been at the heart of a lung specialist and there is so much good that I zoloft do u think this will help with these symptoms

  • 2I have anxiety/depression but I hate the way SSRI's make me feel?

    I have social anxiety issues / problems with depression and extreme irritability that seems to get worse when I'm on my period . I have mild symptoms at other times , but the week before my period I am in full mode ***** , I hate it ! its affecting my relationships . I was on sertraline once before and it made my anxiety worse and ended up in the emergency room by a massive panic attack . YAZ I went to my doctor because I had PMDD and it did not help . So I tried the same thing over and sertraline make me crazy . They make me feel like I was high . My sense of shakes very aggressive and unreasonable to feel spacious outside. I also feel like I can not sit still or I feel weird . I feel so nauseous if I try to eat or drink anything I start gagging . I hate these side effects and do not feel like this is something I can support . I also feel difficulty breathing at night so I can not sleep because I'm paranoid about stop breathing while I sleep , so I'm anxious all night . I have really wanted to deal with my anxiety and depression , but these drugs make me feel worse. Are these side effects normal?

  • 3How effective is Paxil cr for anxiety? and can it make you sleep better? feel happier?

    I was prescribed paxil Cr 12.5 mg for anxiety, how effective it can be on that? i also have insomnia problems could it help me on that? and make me happier also? im afraid of the side effects of it though.

  • 4Does anxiety medication cause drowsiness for long periods, or make you feel like a zombie?

    I went to the hopsital due to an attack of severe anxiety . They did a blood test on me , found nothing wrong , other than dehydration and infection UT . gave me some medication to calm myself , my heart pounded and my BP was high. I just want to know if these things will change your mood? my mood does not feel changed , I'm just a kind of dream . I feel relaxed , but sleep , I had not eaten since 1pm .

  • 5Why does depression make you feel like a different person..?

    like a whole bunch of negative thoughts... can it make you feel like you dont love the person your with?...or make you feel negative thoughts about yourself..or your life..or make it seem like there are no positives in life?

  • 6Can i have an anxiety disorder and depression at the same time?

    Hello , this is my first time asking a question , I just wanted to know if I can be depressed and have an anxiety disorder at the same time ? Basically , I've been going to my new counselor for a few weeks , mainly for my anxiety and other issues such as self esteem and confidence . Anyway , we often talk about my anxiety and all that is being in social situations . My counselor also said I have mild to moderate OCD you know it's an anxiety thing . Anyway , I am often concerned about many different things. In my last session , briefly mentioned that i may be depressed . It is not a surprise because I thought I've been depressed for several years . I have very low moods, feelings worthlesness and hopelessness , worthlessness , tired all the time , not interested in anything I liked , and many , almost all symptoms of depression . But the thing is that I'm confused about co - ocurring depression with anxiety . This is because , I thought depression that I do not care , do not want to get up in the morning (which is true for me personally ) . But , when I am extremely anxious about certain things and how people see me ect . So , how I can have both? Probably when I'm anxious some stuff I care , so then there is depression ? Or can my general mood be depressed, and anxious moments when it appears anxiety disorder ? Sorry if I'm rambling , I hope I have explained well, I have 16 years and only needs some explanation , please ? Thank you !

  • 7I feel like I have more than depression/anxiety?

    I was put on zoloft about a month ago. I've had low self esteem since I could remember. Never felt like I was attractive enough. I self harmed on and off through high school, and have been clean since Nov. of 09. There have been guys, of course. one I thought I was "in love" with, but I wasn't. It wasn't even a relationship, just fwb. eventually I got sick of the bs and stopped talking to him in January, after he got a gf. I feel like I cant express the "lovey dovey" emotions. for instance, saying "i love you" to my dad and grandma is kind of tough. I love my grandma more than anything, but actually saying it is difficult for me. I feel like I don't want a bf because most of them are snakes. Plus if I'm attracted to them, they don't like me and vis versa. Plus I don't like sex. never been comfortable with it, plus I would get paranoid about it. I only have one close friend, we had a fall out but things are better. I tend to want to do things on my own, because dealing with people you have to deal with their crap. not all the time, but sometimes. Or if someone who I don't really care for wants to hang out, I avoid it. Or if I make plans with someone I sometimes talk myself out of it. For some reason I'll think my dad will get mad. Even though my dad is really cool. I have a fear still that i"ll set him off. Any Ideas?

  • 8I feel ill every day.. is this depression and anxiety ?

    I'v been feeling ill most of the time since I had a panic attack last summer. Iv had some tests and seen the doctor but I don't seem to have anything wrong with me...I'm seing a psychylogist to help my thinking it helps a bit but symptoms often stay... I feel tired, drowzy, headaches, pressure heavy head, aches and pains sometimes my body just feels generaly weak and I feel like I don't have much energy, I get brain fogs my head just doesnt feel clear and I am always anxious becue of my symptoms... is this depression and anxiety? thanks

  • 9Can Just Laying Around Alot and Depression Make You Feel The Way I Do?

    I've been checked by two doctors and nurses and wondering ... about it .. I was around a lot, but suffer with depression .. Its really cold where I live, but I seem to notice more things about me .. doctors said they could not ' t find anything wrong with me and one was a nurse specialist and is a veteran head nurse for over 30 years .. and the other a gp .. ok .. He wondered if all this is quite nomal for depression .. Legs and arms feeling weak , feeling no skin tingling not just a little there , but you can touch and feel it .. A little air feeling not well , but you are breathing well .. Head feels heavy and the pressure at the top .. ears hurt sometimes and below the neck hurts.Twitches throughout the body and sides of the head and pulling sensation .. neck muscles feeling tight .. Sometimes electric sensations in the legs and other right chest muscles.Feeling very tired and sleepy .. Earaches and general feelings inexplicable resentment .. Furthermore , all the anxiety ?

  • 10Can depression make you feel physically weak?

    I've been depressed on and off for about a year - as a couple of months of feeling depressed , sleep all the time , eating poorly , did not want to socialize and usually do nothing and have no motivation , followed by a month or less serious productivity without eating much , not much sleep and be very happy ( as things ) - but I have stressed recently aswell , and things seem different , so when I'm not sure if this is related to depression or if it's just a bit of a virus or something to be deleted . Anyway , I have brittle nails , headaches, I have always hungry , and I shake a lot (like weak knees and hands wobly Shakey ) . I asked this question before, so to clarify - I'm not diabetic, I already take vitamins , I have a healthy balanced diet as a whole ( excluding the comfort eating - but I'm on top of most of the time) , so that may be depression that is causing these physical symptoms ? I think I just have mild depression , do your nothing serious or anything to worry about, but I was wondering if it really was the reason ? I can deal with that made ​​me mentally , but I worry when things affect me physically ! thanks x

  • 11Can depression make you feel sick to your stomach?

    I've been very depressed lately and I have looked at many other sites for the symptoms . lately I feel very depressed when i'v noticed that my stomach started hurting extremely . I figured it was because I had not eaten all day, but when it came time for dinner could not even take a bite of everything but carbs (I read that typically enjoy more carbs for some reason when you suffer from depression) and I only ate half of a cuff portion size. I've also been really stressed lately . Do you think that could help stomach aches ? I know that depression is often done back. I have a lot of back pain that does not really want to deal with stomach pains nor too . So you think that my stomach pains are caused by depression ?

  • 12Why does depression make us feel ugly unattractive?

    I feel so insecure , is it ugly , just now , but I do not know why I feel this way all the time I sit in front of the mirror and pick up all these horrible things about my appearance I never use but I started feeling well , since last year I have symptoms of depression my parents know but do not take it seriously. Why is this happening to us, though ? and why is depression make us feel small , ugly ?