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QCan depression and anxiety make u feel weird all the time?

I really do not I have anxiety attacks just because I feel weird all the time also has to produce these symptoms for chest pain , stomach pain and stiffness and pain of a well can make u feel her breathing also lack adequate energy may cause physical problems that have been at the heart of a lung specialist and there is so much good that I zoloft do u think this will help with these symptoms

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#1ithneenAnswered at 2012-12-22 15:39:00
#2Popoff Answered at 2013-02-17 00:27:41
I had anxiety attacks for seven months. Finally ceased in December. They still have these strange symptoms of difficulty breathing and nausea this sickening feeling that I have a huge load on my chest . Then I start to have this strange feeling that nothing will go well and just want to curl up and hide somewhere. Believe me , it is very common to feel that way. Hang in there . Never take medicine for my problem, so I can not give advice if , sorry .
#3nojoAnswered at 2013-04-17 16:58:34
Depression can cause fatigue , including lack of energy and lack of enthusiasm (basically , do not want to do anything ) , I have not heard of other serious symptoms other than that, I mean the physical illness of depression . Anxiety on the other hand can cause increased blood pressure , pressure in his heart , and honestly the whole body. Both affect your body in bad ways which means you can feel weird all the time depending on your definition of weird.
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Can depression and anxiety make u feel weird all the time?

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