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What's the difference between these 2 degrees? (postgraduate)? related questions

  • 1Undergraduate and Postgraduate whats the difference?

    Ok this may just be one of my many blond moments , but I'm really struggling with this. I'm looking at the courses of the Open University, I studied in the care provided with the intention of gaining qualifications while learning to work instead of being a " student " in the stereotypical sense . I just finished NVQ Level 3 CCLD and now I want to get a BA ( Hons ) but now I want to go to Psychology as my intention from the beginning was to become a child psychologist . I looked at the open university and speaks undergraduate and post graduate and points at levels 1 , 2 and 3 , and I'm totally confused as I was waiting for my NVQ would be included in my BA as previous work , so it would not to work as hard in the BA not because I'm lazy I have been doing childcare for almost four years , so it's not that. Anyway my question really is ... It is an undergraduate my degree ? What graduate courses to continue more like going to a professional field such as psychology ? And if I were to get a degree in psychology would this be enough to get a job as a psychologist or if I have to do a postgraduate course ?

  • 2What's the difference between these 2 degrees? (postgraduate)?

    One of them is called ClinPsyD Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychology another PhD . My question relates to the securities ( ClinPsyD and PhD ) . Obviously I know what the acronyms , but how these two courses differ from each other? Thank you. x

  • 3Whats the best school for a major in psychology? whats the difference between an undergradutate and a graduate

    I'm in school looking at colleges wich i should apply . I want not the best if you wanted to major in psychology ?

  • 4What is the difference between the two degrees, BS and BA when it comes to degrees in Psychology?

    Just wondering because I'm thinking of psychology as a major and was wondering what would be best when possibly enter graduate school in psychology .

  • 5Whats the difference?

    What is the difference between these? Counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, and what is cognitive therapy?

  • 6Whats the difference between these?

    What is the difference between: Clinical Psychology Counseling Psychology and what is Occupational Therapy Things I'm 14 and looking to see what I want to be! :)

  • 7Whats the difference between.....?

    a degree and a certificate program in college cause for my psychology they offer both and i need help

  • 8Whats the difference between a psy.d and a phd?

    I'm a freshman in college and I'm majoring in Psychology . I want to be a child psychologist , so I wonder what would be better to get it? is one more than the other ? and also how many years it will take 4th degree? thank you!

  • 9Is there a difference between general psychology and clinical psychology?If,so whats the difference?

    Is there a difference between general psychology and clinical psychology ? Yeah, so what's the difference ?

  • 10Whats the difference in a BA and a BS in psychology?

    I want to go to eventually get my masters in psychology , so I can be a counsler . I talked to different schools counslers rrr and says " I want to hear." I want someone to tell me the difference in a Bachlors of science in psychology and a Bachlors of Arts in psychology . What I can do for each grade? Do you have a degree offered more job opportunities than the other? what degree is the best route to go ?

  • 11Whats the difference between a Bachelor and a PhD in Psychology ?

    I 'm looking forward psychology and become a therapist regularly ( without medication ) or to work with prisoners in jail ( if you know this information , it would be helpful ) , but I'm not sure what career would you have that degree of

  • 12Whats the difference between sociology and psychology?

    I want to go to college next year , but I have not decided my next year older . But I really like doing things for people to learn how they work and stuff like that so someone told me to pick the sociology or psychology , but do not know which .