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QI'm a 24 year old Female, just moved across country. I need Hobbies!?

My boyfriend and I moved from Cape Cod MA to Washington state in January .. only for adventure and fun .. we place on the scene and do not know anyone here . We are happy and love our time in our lives together . My boyfriend is in school and works full time as a server. We have the weekends off together , though ( but is almost always doing lots and lots of homework) . I am a full time nanny during the weekdays , but I have my degree in psychology . Even I have a dog impressive , but I'm still a bit boring at times . I am also somewhat of a budget. I've been thinking about sewing or sailing lessons this summer , I love zumba too cheesy and I love things like flea markets , or would like to take a class ....

Any suggestions for things to do , places to meet people, and has connections with the resources to find these things ?

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#1AaminahAnswered at 2013-01-06 03:43:34
I lived on an island off Seattle and probably would move back to Seattle or Portland if it were easy . Lots of fun things going on if you're near Seattle , some free, so I suggest checking out small local newspapers , google
#2PdAnswered at 2013-02-24 09:28:06
try playing minecraft .
#3Claudia C.Answered at 2013-03-03 09:51:56
Where in Washington ? If the Seattle area , is located in the heart of the concentrations of furnace glassblowing in the country , there are more studies in 50 miles in all possibly all NE MA . As in any art classes , check out Pratt and other options presented in the fall if not immediately . For summer , features the Olympic Mountains to the west , a unique rainforest environment in the U.S. , the British with their art and other activities for the Northwest , and several mountains and volcanoes to the east. Winter is much milder than MA because the ocean is to the west instead of the Great Plains Canadian cold , so if you like winter sports, will have to travel to the slopes of the mountains are not all that far . edition And like everything else in your question is pretty good -
#4elzaAnswered at 2014-03-14 18:50:06
Try digital painting on the computer. It is non-messy and it is cheaper to do because you do not have to keep buying art supplies. All you need is digital painting software and a graphics tablet to do it. You can create anything - abstract art, landscapes, people, still life, cartoons. Download MyPaint software for free Buy the Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet for $79 (Wacom website) or the Vistablet PenPad tablet for $42 (Vistablet website). Look at this digital painting using ArtRage software:

Landscape Painting…
Digital Painting…
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I'm a 24 year old Female, just moved across country. I need Hobbies!?

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