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I am in grade 12 and i need some help find information on pursuing a career in counseling psychology? related questions

  • 1I am in grade 12 and i need some help find information on pursuing a career in counseling psychology?

    I've been doing a lot of reserach , but I'm very confused . I do not know if I have all the science in the 12th grade level (physics, chemistry , biology ) . I wonder what I need Do I need a degree in psychology with specialization bachlors , masters in psychology ? I'm also having trouble finding a college or university in Canada that I can take what I need . I do not know how many years of school will take or anything lol . I am hoping that someone here has been through this and can help me or maybe someone knows something or all of the information I am looking for . Any help at all would be greatly appreciated !

  • 2I really want to develop a career in career counselling - how do I get started or find information?

    Currently working as a recruitment consultant and have a psychology degree I finished last year. I really like to mix the two together to begin a career in vocational guidance . I'm looking for information on what qualifications / experience I need and any advice in general! thanks

  • 3I'm considering a career in education, but where can I find more information?

    I will graduate from the College of William and Mary in May 2009 and would love to be selected for Teach For America as presursor for a future career in education. However, I'm not sure what I would be most interested in teaching. My title is a B.of Sciences Psychology with a concentration Chem, but I would like to learn more about the teaching of the curriculum in schools. You might want to teach science in high school , but middle school science . Moreover , primary education is harder / easier / more rewarding ? Does anyone have advice for me , or can anyone direct me to a site that can answer these questions ? Thank you !

  • 4Where can I find information on a CAREER in Dream Research and/or Dream Interpertation.?

    I know that getting a degree in psychology is the first step and I am in the process of getting my degree in psychology . I feel that my calling is dream interpretation and research . I searched many sites still can not find the information on how to go about finding a career in the interpretation of dreams / research. All you find is sleep and sleep disorder races . PLEASE HELP ! ! !

  • 5Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been searching online and I see a lot of links to Criminal Psychology but then they end up being about FORENSIC Psychology. I'm planning on going back to school for a BS in Psychology with the ultimate intent of focusing on Criminal Psychology but I can't really find any information about going about getting a PhD in it. Are there any sources that I should look into?

  • 6Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

    I've been looking online and I see a bunch of links to criminal psychology , but then end up being about forensic psychology . I'm thinking about going back to school for a degree in Psychology with the ultimate goal of focusing on criminal psychology, but I can not find any information about how to go about obtaining a doctorate in it. Are there sources I should consider?

  • 7Where can i find a broad variety of information on psychology?

    for example, what educational requirements to be taken in a work of psychology . In addition to the expected revenue , the prospects of their lives for this occupation , and the work environment . Thank you.

  • 8Where can I find information about animal testing and research in Psychology?

    I am currently writing an article on animal research in psychology . I like to include an estimate as accurately as possible the number of animals used each year - preferably broken down by species and , if possible , the discipline in which they are used (ie , Biopsychology , Behaviorism , Cognitive Psychology , etc. ). I have not been able to locate this information . If you are willing and able to point me in the right direction , please include a link or another appointment for you to take note of what is right in my references . Thanks in advance .

  • 9Pursuing a career in Psychology?

    I've always been interested in psychology and want to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist himself . But , as a Christian , I am concerned that conflict with my views as taught in college . Is this true or false ?

  • 10If im pursuing a career in law...or psychology...?

    what kind of law firms allow me time to be with my family ? I am interested in law and politics and even human rights ect ect , but I want to be near my family. i also happen to be stationed in Germany with my soon to be husband for a few years , the college so online is the only way for a while ... Basically , my question is, is there an area where I can still achieve law things , but at the same time , spending time with my family ? id also like to know how are psychology careers . I am interested in teaching and I'm thinking about it . If I started on the path to education, what I can change his mind and go to law, without losing one or two years of my life ? lol sorry my questions are confusing , im just curious about all this and I have to make a decision. im a. senior year and I 'm going to take courses through the University of Maryland Online

  • 11What are the factors to consider before pursuing a career in psychology?

    I'm thinking of pursuing a career in psychology , maybe get a master's or doctorate in clinical psychology . I wonder if this path is really for me . I love helping people and I work well when I'm talking to a person with problems . I love helping my friends giving them a few tips . I'm thinking of using my skills to a higher level - dealing with people with psychological problems . What other factors should I consider before choosing this path ?

  • 12What classes should I take if I'm pursuing a career in Psychology?

    I'm currently a freshman in High-School, and I'm planning to have a career in child/teenage Psychology. What classes should I be taking in High School for this?