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How did they deal with suffering in the past? related questions

  • 1How did they deal with suffering in the past?

    referring today to clinical psychology is peaking and antidepressants and therapy and all that so people do not have to suffer at least completely . But how again before this people are suffering ? I've been through a lot and only got through it because of antidepressant therapy and how can you go through constant pain , not being able to enjoy things in life and may not even get married , have children or anything only live in constant agony and sadness just want to know how ?

  • 2My wife has been suffering from insomnia for the past year.?

    She is diabetic and she refuses to take any prescription medications or over the counter medications to assist her with this condition. Does anyone know a good herbal or at home remedy for insomnia. She needs something that works; thanks.

  • 3I've been suffering from insomnia for the past 7 months, how do I get prescribed sleeping pills?

    After my relationship ended and at the same time I changed jobs it was quite stressed and I can not sleep. I tried all the natural resources , exercise, lavender baths etc nothing works . My job is very demanding and sometimes really can not have a bad night. I want to go to the doctor and get sleeping pills , not to drink every night , but sometimes I get really hyperactive and restless at night and I will not go to bed until 3-4 am and getting up early and focused. I was told that doctors are reluctant to prescribe these days sleeping pills , any advice?

  • 4Do you deal with cronic depression? Dysthymia? How do you deal with it.?

    I take my meds and it suits me find.... I'd just like to connect with others who have the same illness.

  • 5Suffering from depression? do you friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be?

    Bipolar , we've all tried unsuccessfully to convince him that he needs in counseling and antidepressants to help you get through it consistently refuses this.This will help with how feels.This has gone on for years, but every time day.He worse lives alone , and is so sad all the time , I know he always thinks about suicide , his parents are reluctant to say the least to section him. I know he has had failed relationships and now feel totally not - friendly , obviously , another symptom of depression.However , I've been thinking about what I can possibly do to help him.I know he loves animals , especially dogs , often cares for his friends dog.Do you think a dog could help ? Someone to love , someone you love , be there for him , make him out , give him some incentive to want to go for.I have written about it before on this site is as has mum.Just have to think of something , what do you think , can you help ?

  • 6Only for people who deal with ADHD please...I am getting frustrated. How do you deal with husband with ADHD?

    He has a problem of not remembering the important things he has done and said , and insists he does not remember . Also jumps from one topic to another without first resolving the issues addressed . It's like going in circles with him ? He has been on ritalin but not regularly . And lack of sleep seems to have aggravated the problem. What I can do ?

  • 7How can I get past this nightmare?

    I've been to all the specialists only in my state , every doctor and every idea is wrong . When I was 4 I was hospitalized for severe constipation for 5 days. From age 4-13 who had constipation to the point where using a laxative dependent (used all kinds to the point that I have acquired a tolerance to all) that if I wanted to go to the rest room . In 2009 , when I was 14 I had open heart surgery to combat my aortic stenosis , replacing my aortic valve with a mechanical valve and put me on blood thinners ( coumidan ) for the rest of my life . Since my heart surgery my stomach problems have gradually gotten worse . My symptoms are 24/7/365 constipation , joint pain , muscle aches , as mysterious scar lesions that appear for no reason on my back , headaches, nausia , tired all the time , weight gain and so little just a lot of discomfort , pain, and no light at the end of the tunnel . I have not been able to lead normal lives , the second I was born, I am mentally prepared for what may or may not happen to me , I'm so tired of pain, both physical and mental depression this

  • 8I'm Stuck In The Past And I Need Help?

    I'm experiencing a bit of a depression, because of the fact that I'm getting older. I'm having a tough time leaving behind my childhood (which was the greatest time of my life), but now I am slowly being forced to trade the life I once knew for adulthood. I've been very Preoccupied with my past lately, and i just can't seem to let it go. I miss being in third grade the most, it reminds me of a simpler time, when life was so simple and so easy. I miss waiting for the next installment of my favorite video game franchise (which was, and still is "Tony Hawk's"). I still remember when "Tony Hawk's Underground" came out, it was 2004, and I was very excited to have bought the game (a game which I still play to this day). I also miss waiting for and watching the very much anticipated "Harry Potter" movies, which I would watch as they came out. But slowly, as the years went by, to my horror, things began to change. The "Tony Hawk's" game franchise eventually ended in 2007, all of the "Harry Potter" movies finally came out, and the people that I've know have changed, moved away, or have become very successful and have me behind. I remember being ten years old, and watching "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" on "Toonami" every afternoon after coming home from school. Everything has changed since I turned eighteen, and now the thing I fear most is getting older. Unfortunately for me, my 19th birthday is next month on the 30th, and I am dreading it! What Can I do? How can I slow things down? Why does everything have to happen so quickly?

  • 9If we know that the drug use has went up in the past few years why is that and what to do about it?

    From 1997 to 2004, there was an increase of over 150 percent spending - from $ 7.9 billion to $ 20 billion - for prescription drugs used to treat symptoms of depression , schizophrenia , bipolar disorder , anxiety and other psychiatric disorders , according to a study sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Spending on antipsychotic drugs more than tripled , from $ 1.3 billion to $ 4.1 billion in the period studied , and spending on antidepressants more than doubled, from $ 5.1 billion to $ 12.1 billion . During the same period , the number of people who were prescribed at least one medication psychotherapeutic increased from 21,000,000 to 32,600,000 , the average purchase price went from $ 55.80 to $ 82.

  • 10It's 7am and i can't sleep for the past month?

    I have a night shift , but only on weekends . However, it is totally ruined my sleep schedule all week . I just got tired around noon and then sleep for a long time ( this should be the amount of time spent sleeping at night) and then I can not sleep at night ..... I need this job because I am a college student. I do not know what to do

  • 11It's 7am and i can't sleep for the past month?

    I have a night shift but only on weekends . However, it is totally ruined my sleep schedule all week . I just got tired around noon and then sleep for a long time ( this should be the amount of time spent sleeping at night) and then I can not sleep at night ..... I need this job because I am a college student. I do not know what to do

  • 12Did past bullying cause my depression?

    I have 15 years and have depression. I guess technically have not been diagnosed with depression (I'm not sure my doctor did not say anything), but I know I have. I took a lot of testing (I know they're not a current diagnosis or reliable) and they all said I have depression. Grave / major depression. I have also done some research and I have a lot of different types of symptoms of depression, including major, atypical manic and psychotic depression. Iv seen a therapist, but I did not like it really made me feel more depressed. So I stopped to see it plus it has a lot of other medical problems that have put things on hold for now. Anywho, in the 6th and 7th grade I was bullyed by my "best friends" (or so I thought). I had really bad acne, then (I have it yet but it is getting better LOT) and they (the three girls who were my "best friends" at the time) called me pizza face all the time and made fun of me a lot. Even he did in class and the teacher overhead, but did nothing about it. She just ignored him. And I sent these texts really mean calling me "ugly", a "*****" and "whore" (excuse my French). They told me to die and stuff. I remember them having more than once for my birthday and I closed the door of my room and went through my stuff. Middle school really sucked for me. I really I have no friends. It was never popular, they do not really care much for the filthy rich people popular. Popularity means nothing to me. I do not exactly "fit" either. It seems that whenever I have friends who are not really are my friends and stabbed me in the back. haha.Right I have a couple of different groups of friends (one of which is "lower social class" however, are the ones I trust and feel close to (:), but they are the best of friends gift . I 't have a best friends either.I have not been 6 am and tell you the story of my life I'm sorry, I have no one to talk.So is why I'm depressed thx ( :