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QHow are experienced-based plasticity, controlled processing, attention related?

Experience-based plasticity , controlled processing and automatic processing, and attention are all interrelated ( With respect to cognitive psychology ) ... How? I know you are all kinds of attention .

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#1ImalkaAnswered at 2013-02-10 04:04:07
Subcon - with - subset conditioning ! Cognitive psychology is the four-part harmony using the mind to program the mind . Plasticity is experiential self developed algorithms to do this . These are endless , and are used to become experts in raising your own consciousness I / Q! Attention , depends on its ability to remain in their own experimental algorithms , for indefinite periods of time . My favoorite is when I become , my alternate personality . ( SECOND GRINGO CHICO ) . THIS IS AN ALTERNATIVE OWN PERSONALITY trained , another culture , another language , and in my own imagination , like a surreal effect . I have many examples of experiential , cognitive training methods , care and effects . I carry my experiments to SURREAL EFFECT , in which reality becomes a surreality . Multi -tasking all my experimentts , according to which the effects reeled in surrealities overlapping .
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How are experienced-based plasticity, controlled processing, attention related?

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