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If you had a choice, would you choose to have Depression or Anxiety, Or Anxiety over Depression? related questions

  • 1If you had a choice, would you choose to have Depression or Anxiety, Or Anxiety over Depression?

    I am a victim of anxiety

  • 2Anxiety to Depression to Alcoholism to Recovery back to Anxiety and Depression?

    I've dealt with anxiety and depression since my teens . Thoughts Restless , discontent , fear , and catastrophic could best describe my normal state of being . I started taking antidepressants for 2 years to address these symptoms . The depression did not disappear and my drinking excessive and went to the races . Now , after going through most SSRIs and SNRIs and three psychiatrists , these drugs have given up and starting to believe that these drugs may have been a contributing factor to my alcoholism . QUESTION , could this be so? And I'm off celexa cymbalta tiltrating and in the next three weeks , so I'm in? My PDOC not prescribe outside the class of SSRI / SNRI drugs, are more effective medications , MAOIs , tricyclics ? I've been 5150ed this week and really have no idea where to go from here . I can not imagine living so much longer. ( By the way in the recovery and is done in outpatient and Betty Ford , but still have intermittent relaspes )

  • 3Best medication to treat minor OCD, social anxiety, general anxiety, and mild depression?

    I've always been a little OCD. Whenever I closed all the doors of my house before going to bed, close the cabinet doors, occasionally if I have one side of my face that I have to meet and touch the other, ect ect. This is accompanied by social anxiety, which is what I'm really trying to address here. It has negatively affected my life in a way too. I am so surprised that he never even underground, because I've never been there before and do not know how to order food or make the sand. Do not go into social situations if I'm not 100% comfortable or familiar with them. It all started in my teens too. I also suffer from general anxiety. I stress over the little things and I worry about stupid. And I think all this is topped by a mild depression that has made terrible, insecure and distrustful. To the point where you almost do not speak in school to avoid comments mean by classmates or any other form of mockery. (My school is a pretty average, if you go to my school they experience at least some form of bullying and this has not helped my depression and social anxiety at all) My school is at least partially responsible, in my opinion, for rapidly diminishing my confidence and social life I lived in the time he started hitting puberty. Anyway is not what is wrong with me the question is what is the best medicine? I tried Paxil, but as soon as I doubled the dose, as directed by the doctor, I was severely depressed. Depression as I have never felt before. So things went cold turkey and the worst of withdrawal symptoms was depression. I'm pretty sure my chemical dependency drug is to blame, but when she came out of the depression was a strange mixture of boredom, frustration and sadness deep rooted. Anyway I'm done with that and I would like some advice from people who are similar to me and take any medication SSRIs or anxiety. Or if your doctor, nurse, or even remotely educated in medicine answers are highly appreciated. I really need the help of his uncle. I'm an emotional wreck, chemically unbalanced right now.

  • 4What are some measures that one can take inorder to cure anxiety, anxiety disorder and depression?

    One of my friends seems depressed a lot and cares about school and work, but also may have OCD since overanalyzes things a lot and is very careful . What to do in a situation where they are affected by anxiety , worry and depression . If anyone can give some advice or suggestions to arrest or reverse the symptoms of anxiety , depression and stress . It would be helpful ..

  • 5Question for sufferers of depression/anxiety only! When you have anxiety, etc. what are your symptoms?

    For me, I usually feel lost inside my head (I know it sounds weird , but it's the only way I can explain it. ) I feel disconnected from my external environment and that my head is clouded with thoughts . This tends to make me feel alone and almost mentally handicapped in the sense that I can not concentrate or achieve motivation. Are these symptoms of what you go through every day ? What are you going through ?

  • 6Is anxiety curable without medication? Is anxiety related to depression?

    is clinical depression curable without medication

  • 7I suffer from anxiety/depression and am 20 weeks pregnant. Will I likely have postnatel depression?

    Are the symptoms of depression and depression postnatel same?

  • 8Depression/anxiety ? Please help?

  • 9What should I do about my depression / anxiety?

    I have so many questions to ask about this, but I'm asking tonight is one of the main . So tonight I found out that my older brother was diagnosed with anxiety / depression after having suicidal thoughts because it is not able to get a job at this time. I could go into more detail ... but what I say about me is that I've been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts myself for the last few years ... I even tried to hurt myself to get away from it all ... but no one has noticed (or said anything about it if they did. ) 'm so confused and stressed at the same time ... :/ aslkdjflaskjdf What I can do ? I really do not think I ever tell my parents, who had just scared (and probably would not believe me ... ) I trust my doctor, but I know if I said that I would tell my parents ( and probably try to send me to a rehab center that i am just terrified ... ) There really is not one person that I have full confidence in , one of my professors . Is there anything you can think of to help me ? Always be grateful if you leave me some suggestions , thank you! :) ♥

  • 10Is this anxiety/depression?

    I have fear that I have AVPD , avoidant personality disorder . I keep trying to prove myself to myself. I feel distant from people and it's like you can not connect . Never show who I really am, unless I 'm with my friends . I have no fear of going to parties , etc , what happens is that I never put any effort to make new friends like I should be in my first year of University. I have fear of going to school . It's probably the biggest fear I have. I can not stand being in a room full of 400 people and thinking all eyes are on me . I know with anxiety anxiety / social , which is supposed to have physical symptoms , and you're supposed to be concerned about the physical symptoms , but I really do not understand . Sudo at times, and I even feel my arm shaking when I get really stressed out , but never have panic attacks in public and I always try to keep myself under control . I feel confused , lost, lonely , tired . It feels like I have pressure in my head and I feel heavy , if that makes sense. Every moment of my life thinking about me I could have AVPD and I can never get through this . I have problems with my family . They are getting really bad and just do not talk anymore. Is it normal to feel that you can not connect with people ? As if I do not want to be part of them ? Like you're not really there ? I feel distant and worried all the time , except in a few rare moments when I feel more

  • 11Depression and anxiety?

    I have 15 years old and was diagnosed with depression in November. I have had the symptoms since the summer of 09, so basically over a year and a half I have had depression. If I have to go somewhere that involves socialization, I get nervous and, in some cases, panic attacks. I got home bound (as the school house, but a real teacher comes to your house, but I have to go back to school in August) because they would be shaking, nervous, vomiting and be crying hysterically because of going to school. I have no friends who are my age and I had trouble making friends at school because I live in a small town. I know everyone in the school and I am isolated from them. Everyone thinks I'm weird and since I started to be bullied, I have a constant fear of being judged. I am in desperate need of a father figure. My mom and dad have been divorced since I was 3 years old and not even remember, so is in no way a concern for me, I would make it like a real father to me. He talks about how he takes Xanax 4-5 himself knocked out. The boyfriend of my mother shows me any attention other than negative attention. He will not notice that I did all A and B's on my report card, you will realize that he dropped a few points in a subject. He will not notice if the housework and help my mother, he will notice things I did not do. I've been to three drugs so far. The first was 40 mg of Prozac, the second was 75 mg Effexor, and now is 50 mg (above 25 mg) of Zoloft. The Prozac did nothing, the Effexor made me feel sick in my stomach every time I took it. The Zoloft is just do not mourn over and fix my social anxiety. I just want to sleep my life. My mom was put on Phenergan for severe insomnia and no other medicine has helped. Sometimes, I'll take the Phenergan behind the back to keep me just to sleep. I know it's wrong, but I just want to sleep more. My mom is the closest thing I have me and my best friend right now. But it is unlikely that his best friend is his father. There are family things differently with my sister and her baby. Whenever she does not get what she wants, she always tells me not to be able to see my nephew again. I love that baby so much and was going to kill me so I can not see it. I have to keep making me happy just to see my nephew. Recently I became suicidal. I really do not want my life to end, I want this part of my life is over. And the main thing that keeps me from doing it is the people who care about me. And by that I mean my mom. I've been seeing a counselor for a year and a half, but now until November, I never said anything like this. I was always private. But I had to because it was all inside the building. Does anyone reading this ever in a similar situation? Is there a specific antidepressant that has helped you? I see a new psychiatrist in a month. I need to know if there are any medicines I should ask?

  • 12Why does anxiety and depression often go together?

    I have both of these and many people ive talked to also suffers with the same. Why do these go together most of the time?