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QBest dental hygienist programs in Michigan?

I went to UM - Ann Arbor for psychology ... I'm basically thinking of starting over . I'm trying to find dental hygiene programs for an associate degree and then possibly get my degree from UM with its new online program (must have an associate degree or certificate DH ) .

So where I can go in Michigan , I prefer to be near Grand Rapids , Ann Arbor and Lansing guess ? I'm living in western Michigan right now , but I went back to finish near Detroit again.

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#1j cookAnswered at 2012-12-08 08:14:53
visit the ADA website , then type dental care in the upper right corner , click the first dental website that appears, choose your state and then click on dental hygiene program will list in your area , this will help you find a program . I'm letting you know to check the waiting list in schools around. some schools have long waiting list to get in and other schools do not have a waiting list at all.
#2RoaryAnswered at 2012-12-14 20:11:55
Honestly , LCC ( Lansing Community College ) has a great program . Yes , yes it is a community college , but cheap , nice, offers small class settings , and is a good school . A friend of mine is going through your dental hygienist program and another friend who is going through its nursing program . They said it helps to have a smaller class with more one-on - one attention , I've saved a lot of money attending there, and that's a good school .
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Best dental hygienist programs in Michigan?

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