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What are some symptoms of Thyroid problems? related questions

  • 1What are some symptoms of Thyroid problems?

    Earlier this year I had a blood test and a doctor said I had hypothyroidism , but another said it was normal, never follow . Anyway recently I've been getting cold sweats ( usually at night ) , palpitations , extreme fatigue and depression (depression over the past year or so) Does this sound like I need a third opinion ?

  • 2Multinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

    ok so for months I have had a lot of thyroid symptoms and have had many many thyroid tests done through blood tests . and always come back normal. I recently had an ultrasound and my thyroid is enlarged and multinodular really . had tested and was not cancerous . doctors are recommending it for me to have my thyroid removed , but I guarantee that my symtoms go away because I do not know if it is caused by the thyroid or not. My symptoms are anxiety attacks , depression , palpitations , fatigue , pain in the arm , sometimes fingertips are numb , dizziness , feeling off balance , more painful periods , and lots of other things . the only thing I do not understand is how can my thyroid enlarges while doctors say his Hude with nodules in it and function normally ? ? ? ? I do not know if I should go ahead with the surgery or not ? please if anyone has information or has seen something like this i really appreciate your help . i keep asking the doctors and they just seem not to know what is going on .

  • 3Aspergers, obese, and thyroid problems?

    ...and now I discover that my nervous system is deteriorating, probably exacerbated by the latter-most issue on that list in my question. I can't feel sections of my legs anymore. I can't feel some sections of my phallic tissue either, which makes masturbation awkward (the hypothyroidism means my sex drive is below average anyway, but even when I feel like doing it, it's not a pleasant experience anymore.) I've had thinking difficulties in the past directly after the discovery of my thyroid issues, but those subsided once treatment was at optimum levels. However, it made me drop out of school while I was doing Highers (Scottish equivalent to A-Levels.) I've been meaning to go back to College but I can't be arsed. Neither do I work. How much does it suck to be me? I think, and justifiably so, that I'm the poster-child for euthanasia, eugenics, forced sterilization and genocidal 'cleansing.' Do you not agree? Only my inferior genetics could have led to this situation seeing as the rest of my family is nothing to write to the paper's about, unless it were a Daily Mail piece on how benefits scroungers should all be killed off. I did try to fight them (my genetics), but in the end, the blood-poison of the inferior spergic creed caught up with me feeble attempts to try and fight destiny.

  • 4Any Women out there with thyroid problems? Do you ever get leveled out?

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during my 6 months pregnant . My doctor prescribed medications and wow what a difference it makes ! Apparently had low thyroid problems for several years before my numbers are low enough to medicines . It had all the symptoms for years , depression , weight gain , heart problems , skin problems , low heart rate and low blood pressure , muscle pain , ect ... I started at 50 mg and I got up to 0150 mg of Synthroid and felt good during pregnancy . After delivery my thyroid was low to very high. I lost 30 kilos I gained in the two weeks after delivery . My doctor has lowered my meds 0.25 mg twice so I am now at 0,100 mg of Synthroid and I feel great! Even I had to reduce my medication depression by 50% . My most recent laboratory results with reflex TSH was 0.03 ( normal range is (0.55 to 4.78) and free T4 was normal range is 1.26 ( 0.89 to 1.76 ) postpatum am now 7 months and breastfeeding full time and can not lose weight for the life of me ! I exercise , eat well , and have lots of energy! So what is wrong ? thought when you were lost weight hyperthyroidism .

  • 5My best friend has thyroid problems (hypothyroidism). What will happen to her?

    My friend is very worried, almost hysterical condition. What will happen to her? I want to help , but I need more information ( do not know where to look ) . She has said that seems to have all the symptoms ( nervousness, profuse sweating , can not lose weight, can not breathe well ) , and she is 17 years old , was measured . How will it affect your state of her and her daily life and what can she do about it? Will you have any dietary restrictions ? Please give me some information about your condition . Thank you !

  • 6IBS, Thyroid, Laxative Abuse... All caused Health Problems, HELP!!?

    I think I have a hypo active thyroid... But not sure... All right, so I am always cold, and my hands and feet are too. I am sometimes feeling tired, plus I have IBS with constipation, and digestive issues, bloating, excessive burping and blenching. I take digestive enzymes and probiotics, which saved my life! but burping problem is still occurring all the time... I wonder why. But, I usually feel sluggish, but then again, I really don't know at this point since I am use to pushing myself. But, I don't have the best energy, I know that. I seem to be depressed, but it usually comes and goes. As to my weight, it is moderate... But I rigorously watch my calorie intake. I think i should be slimmer since I eat moderately, but my weight is alright, but a lot of body fat and flab. I am 5'3 121lbs. I know I am flabby b/c I use to be anorexic. I starved myself to get to the weight loss, but I have been living normal for the past two years. I am pretty sure IBS became an issue due to this. As much as i'd love to see a doctor and get myself checked up, but I have no insurance. Last time i went for my IBS i got a $350 medical bill and that time i had insurance. I am too scared to risk it. We are already so broke. Now it came to the point where I am wondering if I could be hypo... I am always cold, always have goosebumps, hands and feet are cold as ice, bloating, feeling sluggish, and of course IBS with severe constipation to add to that... What I am looking for is some advice. Since I am not sure I am hypo, are there any vitamin supplements which can aid me. Currently, I am taking Multi Enzymes Probiotics Alive Vitamins (from Vitamin shoppe) Biotin and Vitamin B complex (to help metabolism) I feel like i am taking too much, but I am so confused. I just want to help myself. I wish a doctor could help me... But I can't risk the money. So if anyone could help, I would really appreciate it! The IBS most likely occurred because I abused laxatives when I was going through anorexia I started the Alive vitamins today, by the way... I also have very dry hands..

  • 7Symptoms of low thyroid?

    I am a 26 year old female. My doctor told me I have low thyroid after he got the results of blood work he had drawn on me. I have been taking Levothyroxine, only 25mgs a day. That is the lowest does. He said he wanted to eventually take me higher, as that is very low. I moved, and do not have a doctor, and it will take me a while to get one. I have been having some health concerns, and I was wondering if they could be due to the low thyroid, not being cured because of the low dose of medicine. My hair is very brittle, and up top it is thinning, almost like someone cut it. My throat seems to get hoarse. Very dizzy. The dizziness is the most concerning for me. Can anyone who is reading this tell me what they think from what I have said here? Also, what symptoms do you know of? Thanks a lot.

  • 8Could these be symptoms of a thyroid problem?

    * Weight gain * Depression * fatigue * Stiff neck / knee hurts * Migrains * Hair loss / dry hair

  • 9When do thyroid symptoms go away with treatment?

    I have been diagnosed with having a very active thyroid and I will see my doctor and endocrinologist in a week . I've been experiencing depression , panic attacks , obsessive worrying thoughts , fatigue and a general apathy for about six months. My doctor says that this has to do with how bad my thyroid is . However, once you receive treatment for thyroid ( taking the correct dose of medication ) , will my emotional symptoms disappear ? NEVER was well before six months. All this just started so early, anxiety and all. So , how long will it take for emotional symptoms to go away? It was really upsetting to me and I just want to be myself and I feel again. Any input is appreciated , especially from someone in the medical field !

  • 10Thyroid symptoms question?

    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago , but some of my symptoms confused and refer to me as : palpitations , feeling nervous - and nervous restlessness, depression and progressing since iv'e been diagnosed . I take my meds , but I'm confused , not HYPER these symptoms do not HYPO ?

  • 11Can increasing dosage of Thyroid cause Symptoms?

    I have been taking Synthroid 0.88 for two people in a year and a half . I recently got my blood for my thryoid levels and my doctor increased my dose to 100 . Since then I have been feeling very tired , confused, depressed , and I feel like sleeping all day. I have no energy or motivation to do anything . So my question is if I have been on 88 for two in one and a half and then just increase my dose may have no symptoms or not ?

  • 12Recent graduate from Evangelical College, having job problems, family problems, and relationship problems.?

    First of all, just wanted to say that this is more to me for advice, instead of doing a specific question. To begin my story goes back to high school. During this period of my life I was very into partying and drug use. However, he became a Christian law school. This was a great help to me as I was off drugs, and took me to hang out with people healthier and more moral. I decided to attend an evangelical college, make this complete change in my lifestyle. For the first part of my time at this university I had a great time, and got a long with good people. However, I found the school to be very difficult, as I began to struggle with anxiety and depression. I think many of these feelings and emotions may have come from me trying to hide the fact that I was gay. In college I was told this had to change and honestly accepted that being gay was wrong. I never really acknowledged that this position may or could be wrong. I also led to believe that culture was a sinner and not to be the "world." This really had a very negative effect on my relationships with my family and friends do not like many of my family or friends "old" to be Christians. Sometimes I used to judge them and try to stay away from them. Essential I was brainwashed, without thinking anything through me. Now I feel very distanced from my family, but trying to resolve broken relationships, not to mention I still struggle with a lot of anxiety and depression, social anxiety and have my family around. I cut a lot of relationships in my life, for me to think people were absolutely sinful for partying. Now I feel quite miserable, because I'm still trying to find my identity as a person, also trying to get as slowly as homosexual and maybe a little agnostic / un-Christian fundamental. I am also very discouraged about my future. I have a degree in psychology and biblical studies. However, the only job he could get was working in a homeless shelter (which I absolutely hate today). I'm really horrible at making friends, and really wish I could have another experience in college, but this time be open and honest with people about who I am. I feel I do not really grow as a person I was in school. I grew up in the fanaticism and somewhat messy view of reality, but not how to socialize and have a good relationship and learn how to be successful. Currently I have a lot of student debt, and is also overwhelming. I just get overwhelmed with my current circumstances, and keep wanting to go back in time and change everything, but I can not. Sometimes I go to sleep and had no desire to wake up, I know it sounds horrible, but it's really how I feel. I am extremely poor, and my family can not help me out on top of this. Any advice? lol I know it's a lot.