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QWhat Is The Best Way For Me To Find A Job?

I just graduated from college with a B.S. in psychology and I'm starting grad school in the fall . I need to find a job , at least for the summer , but I have no idea where you should be looking for. Should I be trying for some part time job fucking like Target or should be able to get something better ? I'm completely clueless as to where to look or the type of work you should be trying to find . Any suggestions ?

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#1momaburgAnswered at 2013-04-17 12:22:35
If you really want to practice what you have learned trying to get into some practices that have to do with your degree. Now even you will not pay at least your getting your foot in the door of his career. In today's economy you have to take what you can get even if it is a
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What Is The Best Way For Me To Find A Job?

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