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Suffering from depression? do you friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be? related questions

  • 1Suffering from depression? do you friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be?

    Bipolar , we've all tried unsuccessfully to convince him that he needs in counseling and antidepressants to help you get through it consistently refuses this.This will help with how feels.This has gone on for years, but every time day.He worse lives alone , and is so sad all the time , I know he always thinks about suicide , his parents are reluctant to say the least to section him. I know he has had failed relationships and now feel totally not - friendly , obviously , another symptom of depression.However , I've been thinking about what I can possibly do to help him.I know he loves animals , especially dogs , often cares for his friends dog.Do you think a dog could help ? Someone to love , someone you love , be there for him , make him out , give him some incentive to want to go for.I have written about it before on this site is as has mum.Just have to think of something , what do you think , can you help ?

  • 2Am I suffering from depression?

    I feel really stupid asking this question, but I just want to know if I'm bored and lazy or if their is something deeper going on inside . I wake up every morning is hating , unable to face the world , or feel good , and very good about myself. The self hatred comes and goes and at different levels . I also find that the smallest thing can trigger me in a bad mood for the rest of the day (eg , late for class ) I always come back to how stupid , lazy, boring, ugly, fat and bitchy I am. I also find that I can not communicate with people . I have trouble making the talks, and over-analyze everything I say . So, I stay mostly at home . I feel like I'm in a rut, and I eat, sleep , and sit in front of one screen . I've missed a significant amount of the school so you can sleep after having sleepless nights . I have no car, and do not worry about my grades anymore. I have not had any recent traumatic experience or anything noteworthy for the cause of my attitude. I guess my question is , can you be depressed if you do not feel pain constant pain , but I feel that their existence is mundane and a waste of space?

  • 3How do you know if you're suffering from depression?

    hmm .. the question says it all . Can you tell me if I need help ? - I hear a lot of music screaming about death , revenge , suicide . ( but I still listen to hip hop and rap ) - I do not like going anywhere anymore ... - I thought cut . But I did not. - Crying for no reason sometimes - I can not smile more ... These are some of the symptoms of depression ? Or am I thinking too much ? thanks ...

  • 4How do I know if I'm suffering from depression?

  • 5Do you think I'm suffering from depression?

    I often cry myself to sleep, and sometimes I'll cry for no reason. I am stressed out about some things, and it feels as though no one can help me. Whenever someone tries to talk to me about why I'm sad, It only makes it worse. Should I see a doctor about this? Do you think i'm depressed?

  • 6Im 17 and think im suffering from depression please help!?

    Hey im 17 i think im suffering from depression i live with my mum and step dad and im always arguing with them and i don't have nothing to do with my dad either I have googled depression for teens and i have every symptom on the list that they have on their website. # Sadness or hopelessness # Irritability, anger, or hostility # Tearfulness or frequent crying # Withdrawal from friends and family # Loss of interest in activities # Changes in eating and sleeping habits # Restlessness and agitation #Feelings of worthlessness and guilt #Lack of enthusiasm and motivation #Fatigue or lack of energy #Difficulty concentrating #Thoughts of death or suicide If i was to go to the doctors do you know what they would ask me as im not a big fan of the doctors and its taking allot of courage to go! can anyone please help ? would be greatly appreciated!!

  • 7Am i suffering from Depression?

    I have some symptoms, but not many. Hopefully I'm not really suffering from depression. I am only 15 years old. It runs in the family, that's for sure. Nothing dramatic happened in my family, just the fact that my parents separated when I was 2, but I really do not care. My father died when I was 12, but I'm used to it already. I have all honors classes and pass with A, B and C. I live in a family of four (if you include my dog, 5 lol) His brother, my mother, stepfather and half. I consider my half brother and my brother, and my stepfather as a man that my mom likes a lot, not like my dad. It took me pretty much every time I want, but I get things if I want. I have some good friends, and I always want to be with them. I even hate the weekends to not see them at school. Symptoms. Appetite: Lately, I have not been eating. I have not hungry at all, and if you like, I feel like throwing all. Everything and nothing really disgusts me sick to eat. If I eat, I just eat a little. For example, 3 chicken wings fill me for the whole day. At the same time, do continue eating snacks occasionally. Suck as biscuits. Sleep: I have trouble sleeping. For example, today I woke up at 7:50 AM, and went to sleep until 11 PM. However, I kept waking up, and there was nothing to wake me. I woke up at 12:26, ​​and could not go to sleep 20 minutes more. Then I woke up at 3:36, and now I could not go to sleep until 4. Then I woke up at 7:50 am, then I always wake up time to school. I went to sleep again. Now it's 8, and finally just get up. I have no sleep at all. Even in the hours I've been waking up. It is as if I am forced to sleep.Furthermore while, I've been awake for over 12 hours. Feelings: I have big mood swings. I think I get them because I'm in my teens and stuff. As for only about 5 minutes, start getting all depressed and stuff. Then later, I get hyper and happy again. However, I was depressed for no apparent reason. I get very depressed I just want to be alone and mourn. Today I'm feeling like this again. Think that's all. I do not know what the cause of this issue. Sometimes I think it's because I like this type. I like a lot, but in reality, things will not work if we're together. This makes me very sad because I really like it. He is the only thing I think most of the time, nothing more. At the same time, I always feel like going out and having fun. For example, I have wanted to go to the mall with my mom or someone and go shopping for clothes. I have wanted to go to the park and have fun with my friends. I feel like reading a book full of adventure, because I always dreamed of going to a great trip, as Link from The Legend of Zelda, or Luffy from One Piece. So what do you think I have? Sometimes I think the cause of this is that I like. But can this person really affects me that way. If this is the cause of it, then how I can stop thinking about him? It's just a really nice guy who is as handsome as any person I knew.

  • 8Could I be suffering from depression?

    First, please do not take this as a

  • 9Am I suffering from depression?

    I am very concerned , as far as I am these days, I was looking at the symptoms of depression and I think some of the check boxes that do not tend to want to do many extra just want to go home to sleep and sleep much of the time . I eat a lot more than before , I'm always tired but I sleep more than one cat , I often say they do not care about things and I've recently fallen for a subject in school because he felt he could not do . The reason has been my calling attention to it yesterday I went mental Talking about it now feels like a dream , but it was real . I entered my hysterical crying lying on floor with head in hands . Then he went to the shower with knives in their hands : S. It was so strange I knew I was doing, but luckily I did not stop my conscience stopped me from doing anything apart from some light scratches on my legs . But how I did this? I have had outbursts like this before and bags full of run, cut the legs with a razor blade and written letters in disrepair . Never do anything drastic , but how I can not do something about this? Please help me , it will start to ruin my relationship with my friends and my boyfriend and I have constant mood changes and now I know what I can do . thanks

  • 10Am I suffering from depression?

    I've got a list of symptom off of a website and well... Symptons of depression: difficulty concentrating: yes remembering details: yes making decisions: sometimes fatigue and decreased energy: yes feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness: yes feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism: yes insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping: yes irritability: yes restlessness sometimes loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable: yes overeating or appetite loss: I am eating but really don't want to persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment: that's what the san try and tell me that my hip is persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings yes thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts you know the answer to that one appearance of preoccupation lack of eye contact I can never look anyone in the eye. memory loss, poor concentration, and poor abstract reasoning yes pacing, hand wringing, and pulling on hair: Used to pace a lot swinging this spirit level in my hand. Then I lost it and teachers started noticing that I was pacing. I had to stop other wise they'd get on to me big time... it was when I was suicidal and they knew that. psychomotor retardation or agitation, such as slowed speech, sighs, and long pauses: Not really I don't think but I might pause... think I do... dunno self-deprecatory manner, or belligerence and defiance (especially in adolescents): Yep slowed body movements, even to the extent of being motionlessness or catatonia: Don't think so tearfulness or sad countenance: once or twice Then there's suicidal depression (In the past now but, pretty sure it was): a sudden switch from being very sad to being very calm or appearing to be happy: Can't remember if I did or not always talking or thinking about death: yes clinical depression (deep sadness, loss of interest, trouble sleeping and eating) that gets worse: looks like it having a "death wish," tempting fate by taking risks that could lead to death, like driving through red lights: yes losing interest in things one used to care about: yes making comments about being hopeless, helpless, or worthless: in my head atleast and in the final suicide note I wondered if anyone would even care that I'd killed myself. I didn't think so. putting affairs in order, tying up loose ends, changing a will: I tried to sort everything out in my final suicide note that I wrote saying things like "It would be better if I wasn't here" or "I want out": If I didn't say it I thought it talking about suicide (killing one's self): Would have done if it weren't risky at school visiting or calling people one cares about: I was planning to the morning before... I tried to commit suicide two or three times and wrote about a dozen suicide notes. I'm over that stage of my life I think but this feeling that I've got a huge weight hanging over me, crushing down isn't going away. I don't sleep very well so I don't bother until it's the only thing to do (about 1:30am, don't sleep until 3am), I don't want to eat but my parents make me. I'm thirteen and really worried that I am depressed as I know that I can't tell my family about it. They won't take me seriously. I don't want to go suicidal again. I don't want to die. But at the same time I just want to curl up in a black corner - like in a cave - and cry until I cease to exist anymore.

  • 11How do I know if I'm suffering from depression?

    How do I know if I am suffering from depression ?

  • 12I think i'm suffering from depression?

    I am going through a difficult time in my life, not going to go through it, but I wonder why I felt so low, moody, etc. And I found the symptoms of depression in the NHS website, these are the symptoms: continuous low mood or sadness feelings of hopelessness and helplessness low self-esteem crying guilt feeling irritable and intolerant of others lack of motivation and little interest in things difficulty making decisions lack of enjoyment suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming himself feeling anxious or worried reduced sex drive slow movement or speech changes in appetite or weight (usually decreased, but sometimes increased) constipation unexplained aches lack of energy or lack of interest in sex menstrual cycle changes Sleep disorders (eg, problems going to sleep or waking in the early hours of the morning) not going well at work participate in fewer social activities and avoiding contact with friends reduced hobbies and interests difficulties in home and family life I can relate to more than three quarters of all the above. I have 17 years, and I'm not eating as much, I've been doing my own sick. I do not go with companions, I do not see people. Even walk a long way to the city to see no one. I sometimes self harm and I constantly want to mourn. I lost the enjoyment of all that I use to enjoy, such as art and making things. I do not sleep well, wakes up constantly during the night. Always change your mind about everything, it is difficult to make a decision, I feel guilty for all that has happened in my life. I have no confidence, I feel fat and I know I'm ugly. I always wish I could close my eyes and not see anyone else and not wake up. I do not want to tell my family because they think they will be seeking care but honestly I find it so hard to see a point in my life. I think you may be suffering from depression, but I do not know what to do. I do not want to go to the doctors, because my mother would find out. Someone please help me.