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QSuffering from depression? do you friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be?

Bipolar , we've all tried unsuccessfully to convince him that he needs in counseling and antidepressants to help you get through it consistently refuses this.This will help with how feels.This has gone on for years, but every time day.He worse lives alone , and is so sad all the time , I know he always thinks about suicide , his parents are reluctant to say the least to section him. I know he has had failed relationships and now feel totally not - friendly , obviously , another symptom of depression.However , I've been thinking about what I can possibly do to help him.I know he loves animals , especially dogs , often cares for his friends dog.Do you think a dog could help ? Someone to love , someone you love , be there for him , make him out , give him some incentive to want to go for.I have written about it before on this site is as has mum.Just have to think of something , what do you think , can you help ?

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#1leeannAnswered at 2012-12-06 16:35:20
Perhaps you could also involve him in volunteer work at the local animal shelter . I know that the shelters are always looking for people to walk dogs , play with them , things like that , because there are so many unwanted animals . If you can get doing that , not only becomes associated with animals , is dooing a social service to the community. You might even find a dog does not like .
#2nekoAnswered at 2012-12-20 08:04:06
Does not sound like bipolar affective disorder, but a deep depression. Mania, although generally a pleasant experience for the patient, can have a devastating impact on a person's life. What makes it special is that patients often do not realize they are experiencing abnormal mood, but simply feel elated. Besides this there are many other symptoms, racing thoughts and accelerated, which in turn leads to quick thinking and talking quickly. The patient may also have behaviors such as unchararistic on spending, reckless driving, issues, excessive drinking and drug use. You can also walk with a sense of urgency and everthing is done against the clock. The quick thinking often leads the victim to sleep at bedtime not because their careers and mind buzzing with thoughts and ideas, which are usually unrealstic. You can also jump from one idea to another and not being able to concentrate on one task at a time. Your judgment becomes increasingly blind and, in extreme cases, the individual loses touch with reality, and may believe that is a famous person, or someone with a significant level of importance, and need for self-importance expands. Believing that they are superior to all others who are not able to rationalize with someone experiecing manic, as the individual has the false belief that they are right. Therefore, this can lead to aggression, irritability and restlessness. There is also a new appreciation for art, religion and music. The colors and forms to be almost magical. In the early stages of these symptoms can go unnoticed, and the diagnosis does not usually occur until disaster strikes. Depression on the otherhand is generally the opposite of this. The person usually have knowledge that energy, sleep for long periods of time and become motivated and disinterested in life. They may lack confidence and self-esteem, have anxiety and extreme agitation can lead to social isolation. Because the victim usually has a very active life he / she can begin to cut off contact with friends and daily activities. This is the cycle as the more isolated dpression becomes worse depression becomes. They may also stop eating or have a decreased appetite, leading to weight loss rather extreme. Other symptoms include slowed thinking with poor concentration, loss of progression that leads to apathy. Conversation usually becomes silent, and can be very difficult to talk to someone who feels that way. The patient may also have thoughts of suicide and self-harm, and feels useless to those around him.This is dangerous in itself, as it can lead the victim to act on these feelings. As for getting him a dog, I do not think that would be a good idea at the time, since first of all is struggling to take care of yourself and may find it difficult to assume responsibility. My advice is to first that comes to Docters, you can make an initial diagnosis and then asked to be referred to a community mental health team in your area so you can have a complete evaluation. He does not have to be severed at this point and probably will prescribe medication and see how it goes. Meanwhile be nice to him. Maybe you could meet him for coffee and pop around to see it. Ask if there is anything you would like to do. Go for a walk together. As the drug begins to work he may be able to do more and more, and you can support her. Finally, when he feels well enough he may become interested in doing some volunteer work or a small part-time course. But please help soon as it is untreated depression can also become psychosis. Sometimes, when someone suffers from a mental illness, simply intervene, and when the person is good it will understand why he did it. Y ou is a very difficult situation and I would like to wish you all the best. There are a couple of web sites that are really good. You will have to google and can not remember the address. Enter manic depression fellowship Mind Rethinking saneline They can provide furthur information and advice on what to do.
#3Armadillo Answered at 2013-01-02 07:42:46
I do not think it is bipolar by what you say, but I 'm not a psychiatrist . But I know that having a dog can be a great companion , so that might help. Sounds like you really need good friends to me.
#4T. J.Answered at 2013-01-22 01:10:16
havent no idea if it will work , but compare the idea that the dog could be the answer .
#5LareeseAnswered at 2013-01-27 13:33:27
Yes , it sounds just the sort of thing he has to give meaning to your life and give companionship but is competent to care for a dog 24/7 . If so what a great gift for him , maybe even let you choose the dog so you can find a link to it
#6JoycAnswered at 2013-01-29 12:35:46
The dog is a good idea. I had a dog and it was magical . is encouraged to maintain a lifestyle very fit . Just get what you choose
#7faytheAnswered at 2013-03-05 18:58:03
Psychatristic consultation weill definitely helps. I underwent the pain of depression, anxiety , stress, trauma , panic attacks , for a longer length of 15 years . I know what pain is. Not only physically , but also the suffering of the family , friends , co-workers too. Gradually I have my mind atlered doctor to an almost normal, using different drugs , and then slowly to the lowest redcuing current maintenance , as a precaution to relapse . Finding a good doctor , treat him like a normal person , not what overadvise . and test :
#8AnonymousAnswered at 2014-02-20 08:29:55
try the dog but also a therapist. get him to see one at or a regular doc.
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Suffering from depression? do you friends son is suffering from manic depression,could be?

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