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Whats the difference in undergraduate and graduate? related questions

  • 1Whats the difference in undergraduate and graduate?

    I'm looking to go to the University of Phoenix for Psychology , so I realized I have these titles for it , but I have no idea what the difference is. They have a degree and a graduate , and since I want to go to my psychology , what kind of jobs you can get with only its Associates or is it better to go all the way and get your love ? I have an interview with them next Wednesday , and my husband goes with me , and I will not commit to anything until I see the paper at all , and so I wanted to get some information about it here if anyone knows what I know what to order , .... when it arrives next next .

  • 2Whats the best school for a major in psychology? whats the difference between an undergradutate and a graduate

    I'm in school looking at colleges wich i should apply . I want not the best if you wanted to major in psychology ?

  • 3Undergraduate and Postgraduate whats the difference?

    Ok this may just be one of my many blond moments , but I'm really struggling with this. I'm looking at the courses of the Open University, I studied in the care provided with the intention of gaining qualifications while learning to work instead of being a " student " in the stereotypical sense . I just finished NVQ Level 3 CCLD and now I want to get a BA ( Hons ) but now I want to go to Psychology as my intention from the beginning was to become a child psychologist . I looked at the open university and speaks undergraduate and post graduate and points at levels 1 , 2 and 3 , and I'm totally confused as I was waiting for my NVQ would be included in my BA as previous work , so it would not to work as hard in the BA not because I'm lazy I have been doing childcare for almost four years , so it's not that. Anyway my question really is ... It is an undergraduate my degree ? What graduate courses to continue more like going to a professional field such as psychology ? And if I were to get a degree in psychology would this be enough to get a job as a psychologist or if I have to do a postgraduate course ?

  • 4What is the difference between graduate and undergraduate?

    I'll be transferring in spring and I'm still not sure what graduate or undergraduate mean. I'll have an Associates degree in Psych, but I don't know if that makes me graduate or undergraduate. How many credits do I need? Are there specific classes that I need? I'm applying for the Psychology programs at Kean and MontClaire universities, in particular. What do I need to get there? I don't really understand the website.……

  • 5What is the difference between a undergraduate and graduate program? ?

    I want to be a psychologist . And the college I want to go to has a psychology degree program . But I do not think I have one in the graduate program . And I think the important thing in psychology. ? I can get a master's degree in school psychology , or mean that I have to transfer powers to earn a master ?

  • 6Whats the difference between a psy.d and a phd?

    I'm a freshman in college and I'm majoring in Psychology . I want to be a child psychologist , so I wonder what would be better to get it? is one more than the other ? and also how many years it will take 4th degree? thank you!

  • 7Whats the difference?

    What is the difference between these? Counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, and what is cognitive therapy?

  • 8Whats the difference between these?

    What is the difference between: Clinical Psychology Counseling Psychology and what is Occupational Therapy Things I'm 14 and looking to see what I want to be! :)

  • 9Whats the difference between.....?

    a degree and a certificate program in college cause for my psychology they offer both and i need help

  • 10Is there a difference between general psychology and clinical psychology?If,so whats the difference?

    Is there a difference between general psychology and clinical psychology ? Yeah, so what's the difference ?

  • 11Whats the difference in a BA and a BS in psychology?

    I want to go to eventually get my masters in psychology , so I can be a counsler . I talked to different schools counslers rrr and says " I want to hear." I want someone to tell me the difference in a Bachlors of science in psychology and a Bachlors of Arts in psychology . What I can do for each grade? Do you have a degree offered more job opportunities than the other? what degree is the best route to go ?

  • 12Whats the difference between a Bachelor and a PhD in Psychology ?

    I 'm looking forward psychology and become a therapist regularly ( without medication ) or to work with prisoners in jail ( if you know this information , it would be helpful ) , but I'm not sure what career would you have that degree of