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QWhats the difference in undergraduate and graduate?

I'm looking to go to the University of Phoenix for Psychology , so I realized I have these titles for it , but I have no idea what the difference is.

They have a degree and a graduate , and since I want to go to my psychology , what kind of jobs you can get with only its Associates or is it better to go all the way and get your love ?

I have an interview with them next Wednesday , and my husband goes with me , and I will not commit to anything until I see the paper at all , and so I wanted to get some information about it here if anyone knows what I know what to order , .... when it arrives next next .

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#1CezAnswered at 2012-12-09 21:56:16
Undergraduate is as college freshmen . You will win his first title . It may be second degree and Post Baccalaureate called . Graduate means you are done with undergraduate diploma
#2ColeAnswered at 2013-03-24 20:23:11
Undergraduate = Working towards its employees and / or degree. Graduated = Working for her master's degree or higher. I would also like to address Canadian bacon : It's pretty funny how often individuals express hatred for the University of Phoenix . Unjustified hate for that matter. Common forms of error are
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Whats the difference in undergraduate and graduate?

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