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QHow can I find his middle name with this information?

Brian D. Crandall '84 was recently promoted to major in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. Brian is married to the former Susan Green '84 . They and their three children currently live in Heidelberg , Germany , where he heads the section of psychology at Heidelberg Army Medical Hospital . Brian earned his BA and MA from Brigham Young University and his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Kansas in Lawrence .

Obviously , it starts with a D. Please help ! I searched on Google and searched the records , but not really know what I'm doing .

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#1bettyboopAnswered at 2013-03-15 23:21:49
Contact the Department of the U.S. Army through letter and Body Med . Otherwise . seems a simple matter of writing a letter by name Crandall
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How can I find his middle name with this information?

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