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QI feel like college is a waste of time?

Right now I'm in my second year of college and I'm hating . Computer science I am still registered Accounting

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#1JhronneAnswered at 2012-12-13 23:59:58
It all depends on what your trying to achieve. If you want to become a doctor or a lawyer , then yes, you should have a degree of some sort. But other than that it is a huge waste of time and money . I barely made it through highschool . The only reason why I have that diploma is because he had the skills and knowledge needed to run the printing and operating heavy machinery with Adobe Photoshop , Illustrator and PageMaker . ( Screw excel . Worst show EVER ! ) Long story short , the teachers gave me all the answers to the tests . playing field for the middle and end . All because I had the opportunity to work in a real environment and reach on time cards . It's all about experience . You do not need a $ 100,000 piece of paper to say they did something . Try a vocational school . Experience is the key to success . Not too expensive education. And knowing the right people helps. talk to people in the business of trying to get . Me for example . Press was running at the age of 15. monitoring a printing company 18. It was the design of pneumatic machinery 22. Im now working for a pharmaceutical company 3D PRINTING pills at the age of 24. So do not get dragged by all the hype about
#2motlhalefiAnswered at 2013-01-02 23:55:54
So why not take the initiative and start coding on your own projects ? I also started out in IT, and that's what they all did ( I hated it because I wanted to be an animator ) , but I love coding websites . If you find something you want to do , try. Start making applications . Think of something you could use , but no . Someone else might be useful . You may be able to go through college with cramming , but what will make you stand out more is practical experience . Go get him. There are many options for companies to choose from for anyone feeling the need to deliver to you .
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I feel like college is a waste of time?

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