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What is the average GRE general score of students accepted to the phd program in psychology? related questions

  • 1What is the average GRE general score of students accepted to the phd program in psychology?

    What is the average GRE score overall students accepted into the doctoral program in psychology ?

  • 2Students who have been accepted to a DPT physical therapy program...?

    Any advice for future physiotherapy student ? I am very interested in this race and will be applied in a year . I know the requirements / needs , but any advice on what to do to excel ? I realize that is very competitive . This is what I have: I'm a double major in biology and psychology . I have a 3.6 gpa , I made some observation hours ( do more) , I have some experience of volunteering through my organization ( NSCS ) , and am currently helping to do research in a biology lab at my university . Any other ideas ? I am also very interested in working in pediatric physical therapy .

  • 3Is my ACT score too low to be accepted

  • 4What is the average age of people who are accepted into berklee and juilliard?

    I am graduating in May with a degree in psychology . However, I decided to pursue a degree in piano performance . While most of my friends are going to graduate / professional school, I 'm kind of starting all over again . I'll be 23 in August and it feels a little weird to start over with a lot of freshmen ... which are 17/18 years of age.

  • 5Is there still a chance to get into a Masters Program in Psychology with average grades?

    Im concerned about getting into the master's program with my notes. I feel like im not going to make it with average grades . But , is there any chance ? Where I can go ?

  • 6Is there a chance in getting into a Masters Program in Psychology with average grades?

    Im concerned about getting into a master's program with average grades .. Is there still a chance that you can get ? Where do I go ? What should I do ?

  • 7My TOEFL ibt score is 105 is that enough for pg in counseling psychology?My GRE score is 770?

  • 8What is the best masters program for getting accepted into a psychology Phd program?

    What is the best thing to get a masters in helping with acceptance into a doctoral psychology program ? I know some of my schools have a master's degree in psychology , but it is rare . I'm not finding a lot of schools with that.

  • 9For those in a Ph.D. program, what was your GRE score?

    I am an undergraduate student applies to graduate school in the fall . I'm looking to get my doctorate in psychology , and is rather close to this program and jump to get my masters . However, my practice GRE was not good ! I can not finish the question fast enough! ! ( Any advice on which is much appreciated !) For those of you admitted to doctoral or master's programs in psychology , you can let me know what your GRE score was for me to try to estimate the chances of getting anywhere. My grades are good , I'm in psy chi , researching and doing an internship in social sciences in Australia this fall , so I'm really just refers to how the GRE affect my chances of acceptance .

  • 10Getting into a phd program from undergrad with a poor GRE score?

    I am a graduate student with an average of 3.75 , research experience , good advice , and have worked full time supporting me throughout school. I'm trying to get a good program directly in School Psychology Ph.D. , and although I am taking preparation courses , my tests are between 1000-1100 . What are my chances of getting into a PhD program quality with this deficiency ? The deadlines are coming soon , so I have no time for further study and retake ... and I'm in a preparation course expensive now worries me is not enough to help even though I'm studying diligently .

  • 11Can you get into Teachers College with a BA general in Psychology (3 year program), in Canada.?

    The Honors Program is a year and includes courses in mathematics and related sciences . I told the Honors program is aimed at people who want to work more in the field of psychology . I want to be an elementary school teacher and just need to know if the BA in Psychology in general I can enter university teachers . Thanks in advance ! :)

  • 12Should I apply to grad schools wanting a minimum GRE score of 1200? My GRE score is 1170?

    Some of the schools on my list has 1200 as the minimum , but I have a 1170 on my first try . I have a 3.8 GPA overall and ( have ) a 4.0 for my last two years of college when I graduate . I am also in two different honor societies for each of my major ( English and Psychology ) . Should I consider applying these schools even though my GRE score is slightly lower than the minimum ? I know it hurt to try, but I would cut rates unnecessary applications if they are to pull out my application because I have the minimum score.