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QWhat are some jobs regarding psychology?

Not only specifically psychology but around it . I have a great interest in learning about the mind and brain , and basically psychology.

I used to want to be a therapist when I was little , and I sort of follow it, but now I see that there are more opportunities around this area ... lol

I sort of want to be a behavioral analysis , or a kind of psychologist in the idustry science , testing and making new discoveries ...

Or even how to work as a doctor psychological in a mental institute !

I do not know where to start looking or who to ask for these things . I graduated from high school and I'm updating all my courses and get new ones so .. yeah . I'm homeschooled so have no teacher or counselor school career to do.

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#1KENDELISHAAnswered at 2012-12-06 09:06:23
any really good work that has to go into people's heads would be a job where psychology is used . so there is more . I recommend selecting a second field to go with it . for example , if I choose Psychology
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What are some jobs regarding psychology?

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