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QAnxiety, depression , depersonalization, panic attack sufferer PLEASE HELP?

Experiecing a feeling I'm not feeling my whole organs . as the heart (not sure if it is beating or not ... I used to put my finger on my neck and scare me ... ) but two ultrasounds for my heart was normal .. I still feel that I have no heart. sometimes beats slowly .. sometimes fast ... and my lungs ... I feel I am not getting air .. I also try to remember what I breathe in the last few seconds ... That scares me .. I feel I do not feel the air at all .. as I force myself to breathe .. I feel that my hands and legs so heavy and not mine ... So the reason I feel no balance .. I feel that things arounf me going up and down .. and I 'm kind of going away or faint ..

worst comes when I try to sleep or wake ...

I feel so much pressure on the head , neck and chest .

like someone blowing into a balloon and it will explode in mychest .. or have something heavy on it ... hands and feet cold sweat ... and when I move ... I feel that I am not able to move in the direction you wish ... like jelly and moving abit bad to where I want to move .. Distorbed vision I have ... numbness throughout the body ...

I look and I feel I am not .. as my spirit flew away .. and a devil came to live within me ..

How can you beat that?
How long u have it?
do u feel like I feel ?
What are your symptoms ?
causing or that ?

please share with me ... I am so depressed ..

scary as hell .... since my death after a few seconds ..

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#1Attalah:)Answered at 2013-01-24 13:40:37
You need to talk to a professional . It can be a psychological problem , but could also be the result of a gland. Your body is a chemical cocktail in constant flux. If the gland is more / less the production of a certain chemical that can cause symptoms similar to what you are feeling . But from the sound of it , I would say that depersonalization is a distinct possibility. And I can almost guarantee is derived from severe depression . I'd like you to take a little time to analyze your current situation . Is there something to put a lot of stress in your life ? Is there an event that coincides with the time remember first experiencing these symptoms ? Basically , why are you depressed? Not an easy question , I know. But the first step to end the depression is recognizing that it exists and you want to do something about it. Until you are willing to take the time to try to help yourself , nothing will improve. The motivation for happiness can only come from within, and no one can help you be happy until
#2TeriaAnswered at 2013-02-11 13:09:35
My first thought when I read it was demonic possession . If I were you , I'd go see a priest because going to a doctor would think that what you are feeling is all in your head . A priest is more open -minded and can be more worried about you than any doctor . Please go to a priest as soon as possible . I'll be here praying for you . Email me if you want to talk some more . Please email me
#3becho.bechoAnswered at 2013-03-15 03:10:42
good news , it's just depersonalization . your brain is questioning its existence and to protect mentally , makes everything feel less real . The more you focus on
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Anxiety, depression , depersonalization, panic attack sufferer PLEASE HELP?

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