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QHelp me with the rest of my life! PLZZZ!!!!?

Well, I 'm a junior in high skoo , ladder , play sports , nd I 'm getting skoo nd at 16 am absolutely fascinated with psychology ... Wuz thinking of studying to be a clinical psychologist or a child , but ... PPL always say it's a good job your sposed to grow 15 % in the second decade NXT then there are those who say there is no money in it ... ULL broke after many years of skool to get a masters and then phd ... so there any1 who tried to be a failure and giving advice about whether to continue ... or any other sucessful ? I wuz thinking of being a psychologist for the military / FBI or maybe even a school (also if I become one of the soldiers who wud i live .. I can live a normal ND City will work for them on the basis ?) ... would be easy to find a job ? I'm also fascinated me shud be police to change that? .... I want to work in Miami for Base your responses to be located where I want because I want to make my game is fine if your 60k 45k

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#1FerdinanAnswered at 2013-02-14 11:55:02
All I know is that everyone in my school is or studying to be a psychologist or a doctor . So even if the market increased by 15 % ( a market in which there are already many people tyring to get a job ) that no matter where people go in it increases by 45 % . The military may be the best option because although most other psychologists do not think about that.
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Help me with the rest of my life! PLZZZ!!!!?

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