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QSafest herbal supplement for depression/anxiety (mild/moderate)? *for a 17 year old almost 18?

I have 17 years , men and my name is Connor . First let me tell you a little about my symptoms ...

1) outbursts
2) irritiability
3) bad anxiety ( aggravated by the school )
4) numb like feeling like there's a glass wall between the self and the world
5) very bad feelings of inferiority and worthlessness
6) feeling sometimes manic / unbalanced ..

I want to try herbs before spending money on therapy . I 'm also changing my diet / exercise ... it has not been good in the past. so yeah ...

I want to feel normal again. You have really bad anxiety unreal things and some real things too .. ( You do not want to be by my side a plane bahahah )

anyway thanks for your help . please answer

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#1KirstyAnswered at 2012-12-06 16:50:02
You do not even need to take herbal supplements . All that can be overcome by another road called simple exercise and diet . I use to take herbs and medicines to the problem I had as well as some of the list you mention above. Some herbs work short term but it gives the drug as feeling , you know the feeling of sleep ? And some herbs not work at all and can be bad for your health and a mysterious way in the future. Exercise and proper diet is the only natural medicine for me to overcome my problem . Beside herbs Why not start taking a daily multivitamin . Watch your diet . Stay away from junk , caffeine , alcohol , other stimulants . Eat plenty of fresh fruits . Exercise as well release the pain naturally murderer called endorphins . A brisk daily walk of 45 minutes a day greatly helps depression , anxiety , anger . Just do not stop half way through . Do it for a week and see how it feels ? Contact me if you want to talk at any time. Also something that will help your situation is the following article. Please kindly visit . Thank you.
#2anteaterAnswered at 2012-12-14 14:10:57
st . St. John's wort and regular exercise
#3RenrikiAnswered at 2013-02-08 16:03:18
affection . not spending money on therapy . his confident . I try to think before reacting . if you actively think about what you are doing, it reduces the risk of an explosion . 17 is time to start growing . to learn to drive , go on dates , who will graduate soon. you can not just throw a long list of symptoms and call various assortments depression. if you can not control their behavior in public , like on a plane , you need intensive counseling . do not act like adults .
#4Sarah NAnswered at 2013-04-02 17:50:54
1. Chamomile tea will soothe . 2. Green tea helps you think more clearly . Make sure you're getting enough iron and vitamin D in your diet .... Also, since you're 17 , therapy may be covered by the health insurance of their parents (so they would not have to spend money on it) .
#5ssmhollywoodAnswered at 2013-04-14 11:55:00
No matter Worry.Do this for a month . It should solve your problem -
Yoga 1.Doing
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Safest herbal supplement for depression/anxiety (mild/moderate)? *for a 17 year old almost 18?

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