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Is there a link between caffeine and depression ? related questions

  • 1Is there a link between caffeine and depression ?

    people , I wondered caffeine increases the symptoms of depression ? I have 21 years and all my life I have had problems with self-esteem and social anxiety , but not so great an extent in that I could work and live a normal life . I've been drinking coffee for years and I do not really affect anything until a year ago . University became very hectic for me and I was very wrong in my courses and I suddenly realized what I began to harbor negative attitudes toward me and began to constantly belittle everything I did . I was so exhausted and nauseous in the morning and could not concentrate in school . I found something online about how apples are better than caffeine stimulants like sugar will get you alert and focused . Although I was skeptical about this, I decided to give it a try and caffeine eliminated in favor of the fruit. In doing so , I have noticed drastic changes in the way I feel and while I still lack confidence and suffer from some social anxiety , I think my mind clings to these negative feelings . When these thoughts come , just stick around for a while and then are replaced by my mind convinces me that you can and will succeed in whatever I do if I try . In the past I used to wake up scared and dreading the day ahead but now those thoughts I could not think anything . So you think that caffeine had a role in all this ? I remember I sent a query here in the past about my self-esteem and social anxiety problems and someone said here that needs help and should seek out a therapist because I was a

  • 2Anyone else have depression or anxiety and helped by caffeine?

    I have either schizo-affective (schizophrenia with depression) or major depressive disorder, and then social anxiety disorder. Most of the time I feel unmotivated and severely negative and pessimistic. A lot of the times when I drink caffeine I'll feel less socially anxious and suddenly very positive, cheerful, confident and ambitious. I thought it was the other way around. Someone suggested I might have ADHD, which apparently is helped by caffeine.

  • 3Why does Coffee or Caffeine Cause Depression and a Painful Feeling of Mental Slump for 10-12 hours a day?

    I've been an avid coffee drinker for over 17 years. But recently, coffee has been making my brain feel numb pretty much throughout the working day and optional shifts. What's wrong with me? Or is it the coffee I'm drinking that's causing this adverse reaction? I get most of my beverages from my workplace or the local coffee shop. One of my colleagues who is into energy drinks too has been complaining of headaches of late. Could it be stress? Too much coffee? Late night work + red bull? I wonder what the reason could be.

  • 4Is there a link between ocd and depression?

    i was diagnosed with ocd a couple of years ago, it was only after that i realized that had it as a child. i masturbated rather excessively as a child i'm a 31 year old virgin male, i would say i was quite obsessive about masturbation, i used to do it on the back seat of the car when travelling and on the couch at home, then i stopped doing it on the back seat and on the couch and just did it on my bed. sorry if i'm going on a bit i am just trying to be as specific as i can. how really discovered i have ocd is when i had a little driving accident which seemed a big deal to me, i accidentially reversed into someone in a car behind me at a filling station, anyway a few days after that i started getting these thoughts in my head everytime i came up on or passed a pedestrian on the road i would have to turn back and go back to that very spot and check to make sure i did not knock that pedestrian down, if i didn't i would be torchered by the thought for a long while after, infact even when i was out walking or in a shop a similar thing happened when i would walk by or stand near a person i would have to make sure i did not harm that person in anyway, it was horrifying and embarrassing. i went to a councillor, he was a great help to me i did not need many sessions after seeing him i was much better, until some while after that my ocd came back again, only this time the thoughts were different, i was working in a supermarket and at times i found myself repeatedly checking things, example checking the freezer door over and over to make sure it was closed stuff like that. on top of that depression set in which i think i had the first time too. this interfered with my job and there were days which i could not face into work, my first time having ocd was in october 2005 it all started with the accident, and again in the summer of 2009, the second time i done CBT it again it was a good help and i am also on prozac 20 mg antidepressents 1 a day. i still have my up and down times, at the moment i am on a downtime, i am out of work as well due to the economy which i suppose does not help matters, i still get the odd bit of ocd but just not as severe and depression. i gradually snap out of the depression for maybe 2 months and then it comes back on me again with the bit of ocd, is this normal? is it normal to get relief from the symptoms at night time and to have them again the next morning, at the moment i kind of don't look forward to the mornings and not looking forward to the bright summer evenings, is that also normal?

  • 5Endocrinology/Depression? Any link?

    Has anyone been to an endocrinologist to be checked out because of your depression/anxiety?

  • 6Can over sleeping link to depression?

    When I was 7 I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression . And for as long as I can remember , I've never been completely awake during the day . When I was younger I would always day dreaming and now that I'm older , I feel like I'm walking in a dream , stuggling to keep my head up most of the time . Last night I went to bed at 12 am , and my boyfriend woke me at 8 for work , but I stayed in bed sleeping . After he was gone , again I feel asleep and did not wake up until, naturally , 24:40 . I do not want to feel like I was sleeping my life . I can wake up and have a normal day if I set my alarm clock , but of course I consider my body out of bed until you have had between 10-12 hours of sleep . ( I have 20 years old , by the way) Should I see a doctor about this, could be related to my depression , but depression symptoms seem to go away - I know it's still there , but the impact is less . Any idea what it could be?

  • 7Is there a link between PMS/PMDD, PCOS, Depression, SAD?

    I think there must be. I currently have PCOS, and suffer from PMDD (or very severe PMS). I have in the past suffered from depression, and I regularily suffer from SAD in January/February. I also have a low libido. I really think my problems are hormonal, and I would love to find a magic cure for the above, or at least the PMDD! Is there any kind of hormonal treatment that helps with these? Any ideas would be much appreciated! p.s - Birth control pills make me worse THanks

  • 8Can someone give me a link to an online depression test? I have searched on but I am uncertain.?

    I posted an earlier question about symptoms of depression and some very good answers . But I was going to print the test and take depression my doctor , but do not know which one is right for me . Thank you very much to everyone who offered help!

  • 9What are the effects of too Much Caffeine?

    I had loads of cups of Coffee, about 5 cups. I forgot some of the things I did, also I felt dizzy a bit. And I still feel dizzy!

  • 10How much caffeine will it take to kill someone?

    Just want to know because I want to try it and if I say I'm going to get a drink with a lot of caffeine and see how much I can take can not stop me hahahah

  • 11What are some of the negative effects of caffeine?

    Like many people, I'm addicted to caffeine , I can not start the day without a cup of coffee , and I need at least 3 more throughout the day to keep energy levels . If I have caffeine late at night , I have a very good sleep, but that's all I can think. Are there other , or caffeine is the perfect drug ?

  • 12Best Herbal Tea caffeine free?

    I have Anxiety problems and I was wondering what is the best kind of Herbal Tea. I want a kind that is healthy and caffeine free. I know white tea is low in caffeine but I'd like Herbal since it free of caffeine.