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QIs there a link between caffeine and depression ?

people , I wondered caffeine increases the symptoms of depression ? I have 21 years and all my life I have had problems with self-esteem and social anxiety , but not so great an extent in that I could work and live a normal life . I've been drinking coffee for years and I do not really affect anything until a year ago . University became very hectic for me and I was very wrong in my courses and I suddenly realized what I began to harbor negative attitudes toward me and began to constantly belittle everything I did . I was so exhausted and nauseous in the morning and could not concentrate in school . I found something online about how apples are better than caffeine stimulants like sugar will get you alert and focused . Although I was skeptical about this, I decided to give it a try and caffeine eliminated in favor of the fruit. In doing so , I have noticed drastic changes in the way I feel and while I still lack confidence and suffer from some social anxiety , I think my mind clings to these negative feelings . When these thoughts come , just stick around for a while and then are replaced by my mind convinces me that you can and will succeed in whatever I do if I try . In the past I used to wake up scared and dreading the day ahead but now those thoughts I could not think anything . So you think that caffeine had a role in all this ? I remember I sent a query here in the past about my self-esteem and social anxiety problems and someone said here that needs help and should seek out a therapist because I was a

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#1AniAnswered at 2012-12-15 05:27:59
Maybe . There are lots of things that could be playing a role. If the absence of caffeine makes you feel better as well avoid it. I'm bipolar and each time take even a little caffeine completely out 'm manic or hypomaniac without fail , so I have to be careful.
#2alessandriaAnswered at 2012-12-25 13:33:28
Caffeine as nothing to do with depression . It seems obvious that the question that stress is the real factor if Good Luck .
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Is there a link between caffeine and depression ?

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