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QIs this depression? Or am i over-reacting?

Recently I met a good friend of mine , for the first time , and he told me about his depression . I was fine with it at first, and still am , but now I've been feeling a lot of the symptoms I had : futility , despair , doubt , emptiness . He told me to see a doctor , but I 'm not so sure . I do not think it's so depressed to have to go to the doctor , because sometimes I'm happy , but sad. I can be happy , sad then fall very rapidly . Moreover , the little things do not bother me usually are starting to bother me and I angry / upset . Also I used to get hurt ( and still do) . Am I overreacting or is bipolar or depression .. ?

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#1eagleAnswered at 2012-12-03 08:10:21
Yes id say ur totally depressed but u should go to a doc . but only do it when ur ready
#2JoannaAnswered at 2013-01-15 12:29:29
Sh * t head just pass it on to you . Sometimes it's better not to know such things . I used to work in this company that the manager is well above insecured me about himself and so tensed . Now I am well and work on it . You probably feel better hearing this coz this is my own problem , but this is exactly how it affects someone else. Im just putting you on the conscious side of things. The best advice , try changing your environment affects you . Fiz
#3egheAnswered at 2013-02-14 01:25:26
its cos highlighted how the world is really sh1t that takes you down when your with that someone like i should know I'm one of those ppl suction sorry xD Hope this helps maybe if you spent some time away from it and talk to your other friends and listening to music may help When I listen to deppresed i usalyl sum 41 - walking disaster teacious d - tribute and belezboss and Lily Allen - **** You There are more , but this helps a lot and sometimes music helps me deppresing as Avirl
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Is this depression? Or am i over-reacting?

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