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I'm a 17 year old female and need help in weight loss!? related questions

  • 1I'm a 17 year old female and need help in weight loss!?

    Okay so throughout my entire life I have always been conscious of my weight , but until this year never affected me . This year I won a little over 10 pounds maybe 20 .. I have 17 years old, 5'3 and weight 158. I'm starting to feel the symptoms of depression and anxiety . I've never felt like that. So since summer has started I completely off my weight and health around . Can anyone give me some good advice , food , exercise plans or supplements are beneficial for losing weight and keeping it well ? Please no rude comments or say .. Treat others as you want to be treated ! :) Thank you guys ! Of course my goal is to lose at least 10 pounds during the summer , but I really want to be in the 120 - 130s !

  • 2Clenbuterol for weight loss??

    Have an women in the UK use of clenbuterol as an aid to weight loss ? If so , did it work ? What are the side effects?

  • 3♥Cocaine and weight loss♥?

    Last year at my school, we had a girl who overdosed on cocaine and died. She wasnt one of my best friends, but we were pretty close, although no matter what i said, she wouldnt break the habit. I know her initial reason for starting up was to lose weight. Now in school, we have an assignment to write on drugs and their affect on the human body. I was wondering if anyone knew the amount of weight or the affect the drug has on weight loss(ex. how much weight would be lost in what amound of time). also if it gives you instant weight loss,(which is why i believe she started, before it turned into an addiction). the last topic im including is a short paragraph about other street drugs that can be abused for weight loss and their affect on the body.i would appreciate some info about that as well! thanks for all of your help! ♥ ♥ ♥

  • 4The psychology of weight loss?

    I am very confused about something , and maybe some of you know about weight loss can give me some answers . My girlfriend is " moderately " overweight ( about 15-20 kilos overweight ) . Earlier this year, began to exercise more and eat healthier , and lost about 5-6 pounds in a few weeks . In the past two months , she has been exercising less and was less careful with what ( and how much) you eat. She is quite regained all the weight they lost . A few years ago , I had another friend (also female) who was about 30 pounds overweight . Occasionally , she decided to start dieting and exercising more . She would also lose about 5-6 pounds before your diet and exercise was on the way. Over time , she also regain the weight he had lost. I just do not understand why none of them care more about losing weight and improving your health . Both women are in their 20s and 30s and have university degree respectable . Both are well aware of the health risks of being overweight . I know that none of us is happy with its current appearance , but do not seem to have the motivation to take steps to change things .

  • 5What are some causes of unintentional weight loss?

    My husband has lost 80 pounds unintentionally so far. We have been to the doctors and they have tested for hyperthyroidism, HIV, diabetes, celiac disease, Hepatitis A, B and C and parasites they have done liver panels, complete blood counts, and every other normal blood test. He has also had an endoscopy done along with an abdominal, pelvic and chest CT scan. He is still losing weight and has nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and depression, he also eats about 3500-4000 calories a day to keep from losing too much weight. Any ideas as to what this could be or what kind of doctor we should see? I am really getting worried that it could be something serious and we just arent finding it. we are uninsured and its really beginning to cost a ton of money. he is 32 years old and now 170 pounds down from 250lbs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you. A concerned wife

  • 6Unexplained weight loss...please help...?

    Im a 21 year old male. Im about 5'10" tall, and i smoke about 1/2 a pack to a pack a day. During the summer and up until about september/october i weighed ~192 lbs. The other day i was out to dinner with a few friends and someone goes "you look thinner! have you been working out?" and then just tonight 2 friends came over and as soon as i walked outside one went "you look sick, you alright?" and the other said "youre looking thin" I went inside and weighed myself and i weighed 174lbs. Somehow i lost 18 lbs in about 2months and i have no idea how. My eating habits are the same (i might actually say worse, iv been eating a lot of fast food and junk due to college and work) Recently i have been having depression though. I have struggled with Post traumatic stress disorder over the past several years of my life and recently its been really bad. Could that be causing it? or is there something else that could seriously be wrong?

  • 7Pom Auditions and Weight Loss Quick?

    This year I've noticed that recently I've gained some weight due to depression and eating constantly. I'm not excessively overweight, I just recognize that if I don't do anything about it, this will become a problem. I decided that I want to audition for my school's pom team, but I've never really had much training. I'm looking for something for me to join the two together, and hopefully have impressive results by May. Thanks :)

  • 8Unexplained weight loss? could it be cancer?

    My mom is 45 her mother had colon cancer my moms doctor said she did not need a colonoscopy until she is 50. She was 226 pounds in 10 months and had somehow lost 30 pounds. There have been some changes in your lifestyle to which she used to eat hamburgers every day for dinner and McDonalds every day for breakfast and was completely inactive . Now she is caring for two small children about 30 hours a week and have to walk two blocks at a time to pick them up from school. I do not eat hamburgers everyday , but food has replaced it with desserts like orange scones or cinnamon bun . She does suffer from diarrhea and constipation frequant but she is on medication that causes at least that's what she says.Her very healthy diet and mood . She is constantly tired and can literally fall asleep anywhere. she says this is also your medication. I am very concerned if this is a serious sign of cancer or just bad nutrition.

  • 9Weight loss...ADD...Depression medication?

    I have 13 years and was prescribed generic Wellbutrin XL ( bupropion ) yesterday to discuss my ongoing depression , anxiety and OCD symptoms . Currently , I am also taking generic Adderall to treat my ADD . (Please do not leave do not need it and how they are trying to get high to ensure that they fit with the lowest common denominator that caters to American education . 've Been drinking since I was 10 , which is only a few months after I started high school in a Gifted magnet - a school reserved for children with an IQ above 145 - . , and I was able to concentrate better in all my classes and get the best grades SO stop talking about that.) ANYWAYSSS , I am taking Adderall and bupropion start tomorrow ... I won a lot of weight when I stopped taking the first six months due to financial problems ( about 15 pounds ) and taking into account the fact that I am a dancer of 13 years old , I am very conscious of my weight , and I'm only 5 ' 3

  • 10Adderall as a weight loss drug? ?

    I heard from a lot of people going lately adderall for weight loss . I was thinking that too. I have a lot of symptoms of ADHD , but not all symptoms . I took an online test for ADHD and I was one point away from being seen as a person with ADHD . So I do not see how it would be totally wrong for me to try to get it too . I was just trying to get some other people's opinions . Additionally , some doctors prescribe it does not really like to lose 30 pounds so it 's not like killing or anything else would not think twice .

  • 11Help i am going on holiday in less than three weeks and need to loss some weight?

    what are the best exersises to do?

  • 12Is weight loss a symptom of depression?

    Lately and lately I mean just recently about 1 week I started to lose some weight and do not know why I have schizoaffective depressive type that be something to do with this? and not just water weight because in the last three days I lost about 3 kg . Do you lose weight when your depressed because usually this does not happen to me, I tend to put on weight in my depressive episodes . My depressive episode has been going on for three years and only now I'm losing weight .