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QI am looking into studying abroad in the UK?

I'm a sophomore , and my school is starting to make us look at colleges , majors, and jobs. I loved England and Ireland from the time they went to the UK a few years ago , and studying abroad has always been a plan for me , no doubt about it. I
For a doctorate or maybe just in psychology and minor in philosophy I would possibly .
Now , I have a lot of questions !

First, I want to study abroad through my college career , where you can get more information?
What schools do you suggest?
I get to B and A, but in my first year I had a hard time keeping up due to family problems , how my grades freshman year not so great affect me while applying to universities abroad / abroad programs ?
Do you think studying abroad is the best idea? What should I study ?
What schools would you suggest (this is about the most important question of mine)

and more or less tell me everything you can about studying abroad in the UK ?
Thank you very much , very much!

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#1tteAnswered at 2012-12-24 16:45:59
UK universities have no children as U.S. universities . Usually focus on a subject. Most UK universities require a minimum of three AP courses . The scores obtained in the unis would determine what to implement . You should also take the SAT . Your GPA does not play much of their role . You can search for UK universities and the degrees they offer here :
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I am looking into studying abroad in the UK?

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