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How should I approach learning French? related questions

  • 1How should I approach learning French?

    Hello , I have 16 years and am about to graduate high school in a few months , I'm homeschooled. I wanted to take French classes in high school my senior year , but none of the schools in my district offer so I had to wait until college . Well I was going to college for nursing or economics , but I woke up one day and realized life is too short for me to spend four years studying something I do not like . So I decided to major in French / Psychology or French / Spanish . What are some ways you could start teaching myself French because I have still a few months to a year before it actually started college and wanted to make the most of the time. I have no money to hire a tutor or something , I could offer some advice? Thanks in advance .

  • 2In cognitive approach in psychology, how this approach related to human learning and moral behaviour?

    Hello this psychology question anyone could please help me find answers . thanks

  • 3I need a french native speaker or someone comfortable with French speaking to translate the following asap:?

    The following question was asked : 1. Qu'est ce que vous fait avez pendant les vacances de Printemps ? And I need this translated from English to French - During Spring Break not travel anywhere . I had my friends come to Lubbock and stayed all week in my apartment . We went to see the houses closest to Denton for the summer and found one . Most days we went to the pool as it was so hot . In two days I had a bit of roast that my friend brought to Memphis and basically had our own pool and BBQ day. We try very hard to relax most of the time because the stress of school and not be so close to each other sometimes becomes much . We also played Call of Duty: Black Ops together and just had a fun time . Another question was: That quand vous vous ferez - fini aurez études you ? I need this translated - After finishing my studies , get a job . I'm getting my degree in Psychology so probably something to do with it . I also just go home to relax and hang out with people who love.I 've been preparing to move into a beautiful house with all my closest friends , so it takes a lot of my time . After school I like to travel when and where I can , but sometimes it is difficult because of gas prices .

  • 4Compare and contrast the Cognitive approach and behaviourist approach in Psychology?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • 5What can you tell me about Behaviourism approach and Cognitive approach to education?

    in a way how can these two methods of psychology can help education ?

  • 61. please a little french help?

    shit im in French , so I've made this paragraph and I used a translator for the bits I found very difficult , but if anyone can help me check I would be very grateful . :) my English : In September this year I will go to ( sixthform ) . i will be taking on new issues that have not done before. The issue I'm most looking forward to is studying psychology . In my course I will be looking at the child's behavior . The only two subjects will follow to stuy Mathematics and Biology . I'm looking forward to the freedom of ( sixthform ) . My translation : In cette année of j'entrerai septembre ( sixthform ) . That j'embaucherai of nouveaux sujets havent auparavant je fait . Le sujet que je plus assists impatiemment d ' est la Psychologie Etudier . Dans mon je cours regarderai you comportement d' enfant . Deux seul Le sujet que je continue to stuy sera Biologie des Mathématiques et une . j'attends impatiemment la liberté ( of sixthform ) .

  • 7Can you translate this into french, please?

    When I finish highschool, I plan on going to the university of toronto for their psychology program. I want to get my PhD in psychology because i've always loved helping people. When i'm a psychologist, i want to have a few clients per week, and on my spare time, i think it would be fun to do graphic design. However, the future is far ahead and I might change my mind, but for now, those are my goals. THANK YOU to whoever translates that

  • 8DALF or Masters in French?

    I have a general question related to teaching. If you want to teach French in schools , is qualifiy do DALF exam , even in the absence of any certificate (I mean teachers in French or any other equivalent courses ) ? I am a graduate in Psychology and would like to DALF in the future. Does DALF only qualifies me to teach French in college ? Thank you.

  • 9How did the French and Indian war cause the American Revolution?

  • 10Can I get a job with a French major? Help I feel so lost!?

    I'm finishing as a junior in college (about to be a father ) and the university has basically been an experience definitely know what they do not want to do as a career. I'm nowhere close to figuring out what I want to do. I changed my major five times and now in order to graduate on time ( need for monetary reasons ) , as I can only choose is French because I have a minor in it. Everyone tells me not to be able to get a job , but I see how my situation is different from any other person most liberal arts ( psychology , sociology , English , history ..) and I'm not looking for translation / teaching career . I guess I'm looking for comfort from other races Humanities / French majors out there that it is possible for me to get a good paying job in some sort of zone , whether related or not French . Thanks in advance for any advice on getting a job in this important and anecdotes related to personal experience in the matter . I'm really stressed and I feel so lost and without hope for the future : (

  • 11Which degree is better? Psychology or French? (Canada)?

    My sister is starting college in the fall . She will be in a general program of Arts , and can have the greatest choice. She wants to be Psychology or French . She can do a major in business administration . The reason I wrote in Canada , the question is because French is one of the two official languages ​​of Canada . Some government jobs require it, and not many people are fluent in both ( bilingual jobs receive less requests ) . What would be a much better and why ?

  • 12If I dont take French as a GSCE could it, effect my future?

    I would love to be an educational psychologist . Or in another branch of psychology . Thankss :) x