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QTransferring disciplines - PhD (US schools)?

So I have a bit of a dilemma ...
I just finished my first year as a doctoral student in psychology. As a student I was actually a double major in psychology and international relations, which I really loved. Reallllllllly I wanted to go to graduate school because I love being in school and at the time of applying my thought would be happier with psychology as well as having a better chance to get because research in the Past / volunteer experiences. However, since I've been in this program I have lost the passion I used to have. It is not difficult to work or class or something, I honestly think I just made the wrong decision and should have applied IR (international relations) programs all the time! I know it sounds terrible, because if you are going to apply for a PhD should be darn sure that's what you want with your future ... But I loved them both equally and I had to choose. Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen wrong, but hindsight is 20/20 of course. Well, I'm sure you still want to go for a PhD because learning opportunities are much more appealing to me, as well as research that may be conducted under this program. I'm terrified but if I try to transfer will be horrible, because I made in my original program. I read some forums about people who change schools within the discipline and apparently is deeply despised by schools seeking to implement. In my case, however, my current institution does not really have a PhD program in IR, or political science, or anything like that, but only have a master. I understand that it makes my transfer more justifiable. Even so, how I can show and explain to my potential schools I know for sure without a doubt that change is the right decision and I'm just insecure? Also, what are my chances of being accepted'm considering reapplying after only my first year of study?
I know it was stupid of me, but I honestly believe that if I stay in this program will have a very unhappy four years and will lose out to do something I want to do so badly. It was a mistake, but I do not want to think that the situation is irreversible and the damage is done permanently.
Does anyone have any advice / suggestions / personal experience with a similar situation?

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Transferring disciplines - PhD (US schools)?

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