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QPlease, can you find....?

Please help me to find a person
who can sponsor me to do MCA in a distance education university .
I am an Indian .
I have a degree in Computer Science and
other singles with psychology .

I like to do Masters in computer applications
I'm not from a wealthy family .
And I did both grades for the money
I earned doing some part-time jobs and full time .
If you are able to do a charity ,

or if you can find some of his friends for the same ,
please help me .
and write to me on
[email protected]
If you find me sincere , please pay the fee directly to the University .
No need to give me.

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#1cf septemberAnswered at 2013-02-08 05:46:13
Number 1 : Are you kidding ? Issue 2 : Are you in Real ? Number 3 : Write your question in the appropriate category - unless you intend to make a kind of song in its history and then we can all know what we think of them lyrics ANYWAY GOOD LUCK
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Please, can you find....?

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