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QHIV/aids in India. what should employees working in national aids control programme do ?

is also sitting on strike ,

like what everyone else is doing ,

People here are working for more than seven years , in the meager wage contract , which is sad low ( less than peon or sweeper working in the same hospital drawing) and are placed guyis graduate in psychology and social work with each having experience of over 5 years and some even more than 10

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#1looking for someone to varify my work pleaseAnswered at 2012-12-19 23:12:10
Appeal to the national government through the legislative process more funds . Moreover , India is in a state of denial about HIV / AIDS prevalence rates in adults (age 15-49) . Admitting that there is an epidemic out of control is a great place to start . No, these workers should not attack . Hitting can reestablish their work , increased prevalence rates over time. Appealing to the United Nations Commission for HIV / AIDS for supplemental funding (also known as
#2natashAnswered at 2013-03-03 09:41:11
certainly stands out is an option. You can help your customers organize to advocate on their behalf . DA
#3Espoir SimbengaAnswered at 2013-03-23 02:34:29
If no police will not be any goondas . The same rule applies here too. The government is not doing 10% making propaganda against smoking to HIV . What result will the propaganda. Nothing . The percentage of smokers increases. Same is the case with HIV . Chances are there will be explosion of HIV in India , which will result in the manufacture of all Indians as carriers of AIDS , getting banned by all foreign countires .
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HIV/aids in India. what should employees working in national aids control programme do ?

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