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  • 1Thyroid symptoms question?

    I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago , but some of my symptoms confused and refer to me as : palpitations , feeling nervous - and nervous restlessness, depression and progressing since iv'e been diagnosed . I take my meds , but I'm confused , not HYPER these symptoms do not HYPO ?

  • 2Multinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

    ok so for months I have had a lot of thyroid symptoms and have had many many thyroid tests done through blood tests . and always come back normal. I recently had an ultrasound and my thyroid is enlarged and multinodular really . had tested and was not cancerous . doctors are recommending it for me to have my thyroid removed , but I guarantee that my symtoms go away because I do not know if it is caused by the thyroid or not. My symptoms are anxiety attacks , depression , palpitations , fatigue , pain in the arm , sometimes fingertips are numb , dizziness , feeling off balance , more painful periods , and lots of other things . the only thing I do not understand is how can my thyroid enlarges while doctors say his Hude with nodules in it and function normally ? ? ? ? I do not know if I should go ahead with the surgery or not ? please if anyone has information or has seen something like this i really appreciate your help . i keep asking the doctors and they just seem not to know what is going on .

  • 3Symptoms of low thyroid?

    I am a 26 year old female. My doctor told me I have low thyroid after he got the results of blood work he had drawn on me. I have been taking Levothyroxine, only 25mgs a day. That is the lowest does. He said he wanted to eventually take me higher, as that is very low. I moved, and do not have a doctor, and it will take me a while to get one. I have been having some health concerns, and I was wondering if they could be due to the low thyroid, not being cured because of the low dose of medicine. My hair is very brittle, and up top it is thinning, almost like someone cut it. My throat seems to get hoarse. Very dizzy. The dizziness is the most concerning for me. Can anyone who is reading this tell me what they think from what I have said here? Also, what symptoms do you know of? Thanks a lot.

  • 4Could these be symptoms of a thyroid problem?

    * Weight gain * Depression * fatigue * Stiff neck / knee hurts * Migrains * Hair loss / dry hair

  • 5When do thyroid symptoms go away with treatment?

    I have been diagnosed with having a very active thyroid and I will see my doctor and endocrinologist in a week . I've been experiencing depression , panic attacks , obsessive worrying thoughts , fatigue and a general apathy for about six months. My doctor says that this has to do with how bad my thyroid is . However, once you receive treatment for thyroid ( taking the correct dose of medication ) , will my emotional symptoms disappear ? NEVER was well before six months. All this just started so early, anxiety and all. So , how long will it take for emotional symptoms to go away? It was really upsetting to me and I just want to be myself and I feel again. Any input is appreciated , especially from someone in the medical field !

  • 6What are some symptoms of Thyroid problems?

    Earlier this year I had a blood test and a doctor said I had hypothyroidism , but another said it was normal, never follow . Anyway recently I've been getting cold sweats ( usually at night ) , palpitations , extreme fatigue and depression (depression over the past year or so) Does this sound like I need a third opinion ?

  • 7Can increasing dosage of Thyroid cause Symptoms?

    I have been taking Synthroid 0.88 for two people in a year and a half . I recently got my blood for my thryoid levels and my doctor increased my dose to 100 . Since then I have been feeling very tired , confused, depressed , and I feel like sleeping all day. I have no energy or motivation to do anything . So my question is if I have been on 88 for two in one and a half and then just increase my dose may have no symptoms or not ?

  • 8Question on clonazepam: Am I experiencing withrawal symptoms, or just symptoms of my anxiety/depression prob?

    I was taking clonazepam for about a month and a half , 0.5 mg at night , so it's not much . I recently took this medication and have been having a lot of problems with insomnia and panic attacks , anxiety , tremors , chest tightness , etc. My problem is: What is causing anxiety / depression this, or withdrawal of the clone. ? The seating in the lower dose has little time for withdrawal symptoms , and if so, lasting a week or just a couple of nights ? Usually no symptoms of withdrawal (at least those who really noticable ) when coming off of drugs , except when I went effexor , but I was on a very high dose of that. The only reason I 'm asking this question is that lack of sleep is literally going crazy , and just makes me feel worse . So even though I'll be talking to my psych about it further , I thought I would get opinions / experiences of you as well: . - D Thanks : - D

  • 9Hello! quick health question need advice, please help if can, these are my symptoms...?

    i have been diagnosed with PCOS , but do not know if it can be of interest for other symptoms I've been having lately I've been getting severe headaches though arent as bad as they were a week ago, ive been getting numbness in the arms and legs and often feels dizzy and sick ( though I'm not really sick ) that are often confused in a conversation or in the middle of doing something that I completely forget what I am doing or lose track of what someone is telling a network im minutes I understand completely lost where I nd have completely forgotten what we were taking about , my memory is getting terrible sometimes lose my balance when im stood up or walking , and occasionally my voice becomes thick and am always tierd ! Never I have no energy and I feel like I want to sleep all the time , even if I've had a good night's sleep. all this is starting to get me worried , because I can not be normal, any ideas or advice would be appreciated! thanks x

  • 10Is my doctor doing all he can for my thyroid?

    A couple of weeks ago I had blood work done and was told that they have an overactive thyroid . I have almost all the symptoms (hair loss , fatigue , depression , anxiety , chest pain , thoughts unclear ) . My doctor wanted to wait a month for more testing . I insisted that I could not wait that long and got them within two weeks. They said nothing new . Now my doctor wants to wait another 6-8 weeks for more tests. I have two small children to look after and can not go at this time with these symptoms . Should I change doctors or should I wait for more blood ? Any help and knowledge of overactive thyroid would be helpful !

  • 11Thyroid good before, bad now?

    A couple of years ago , I was tested for thyroid problems . Were negative . I have some of these symptoms , however : * Depression * WEIGHT GAIN * fatigue Lethargy * Difficulties with memory and concentration * Infertility * Constipation , * Cold intolerance * Dry, coarse hair * Difficulty swallowing Is it possible that my thyroid to change during that time?

  • 12Could i have an over active thyroid?

    I had a panic attack four weeks ago , you have not had one since, but almost have a few times . I'll be very sick when I do, very nauseous