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QIs it worth transferring to a different college?

I go to a state university right now. Not a bad school, I personally like , but I want to transfer to Kean University. See who travel two hours by train every day , back and forth and I have classes five days a week . In fact it is one way train pain because for some reason the train puts me to sleep and I am very , very lazy and gives me headaches. College is a lot like going to high school and the students seem very vague for a reason. Some students actually sleep in rooms travelers and college is not as . Shows pure laziness. The college I'm going to seem boring and lacks higher education . They do not seem to take seriously the education there. They think it's a joke . I want to major in psychology , but go for my masters in it. One of the students thought it was silly to make a suggestion in this essay and actually called me stupid and retarded. Its horrible in my opinion , and that's not what college is about . I am not a good speaker but I 'm practicing little effort to little.I think Kean is best for me anyway because the trip is only 15 minutes and I think it's better for me to pursue my career and graduate . Student life total is probably much better and the classes are smaller . I think it would be better there as it is a private school .


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Is it worth transferring to a different college?

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