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Psychology major and Biology minor.? related questions

  • 1Can I teach biology, in Texas, with a minor in biology and a major in psychology?

    I'm about to graduate with my major in psychology and minor in biology and started thinking in teaching biology after completing an alternative program . I can do this with only a minor?

  • 2Psychology major and Biology minor.?

    I am a child psychology major and biology . I wondered what could go in career fields and what I could explore these options . Also, I'm thinking of going to college , but I'm not sure which to focus. I'm interested in neuropsychology and careers in the medical field .

  • 3Should I major in Biology, with a Psychology minor or do Psychology major, with Biology minor?

    I am a sophomore in college and am interested in possibly furthering my education in Med school after my undergrad years. Initially, I was planning on majoring in Biology with a Psychology minor. However, my friend, whom is going for Dentistry, is majoring in Psychology with Biology/Pre-Dent minor. Though, looking at the prerequisites for Psychology, it looks as if it'll be easier/smarter to take the Psychology major and Biology minor route because it avoids taking Cal 2 and various other classes. Should I stay with my initial plan of Biology major and psychology minor or am I just making it harder on myself? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the work, just as long as I know it'll be more beneficial for getting into Med school. I am aware that Med schools accept majors other than B.S. in Bio, that's why it's making it more difficult for me to decide which plan to go with. Also, which of the two majors will be more beneficial job-wise just in case I decide not to go to Med school?

  • 4Psychology major,biology minor?

    My plan is to go to dental school after college + I'm really interested in psychology. I heard that biology is important : * Only store , and I 'm that kind of person who can not memorize without understanding the material . * It is impossible to get a decent GPA ( 3.6 + ) However, I like bio , but I have a fear of not getting a good GPA , so I decided to major in psychology in order to get a better GPA and is also something that interests me , and bio minor to complete the pre reqs . What do you think ?

  • 5Psychology Major and Biology Minor?

    What are some careers that could be done with them , I play to go to graduate school and get a doctorate .

  • 6Is it good to have a Biology Minor while having Psychology as your Major?

    Psychology and I 've decided to do my Biology Minor. It has always been a thought , but I just put on the back burner until now. I'm a freshman in my second semester right now Prairie View A

  • 7Can I major in psychology and minor in biology to get into med school to later become a psychiatrist?

    My main goal is to become eventually a psychiatrist . I'm very excited about the idea of ​​declaring biology or chemistry as my major . But if it's better, I probably would. I'm a straight -A student who will enter college as freshmen in the fall. During the making of my apps to send to colleges , I left my specialty as determined Psychology . At that time , I was thinking that I could attend graduate school and become a child psychologist . However, it has recently come to my attention that progress in the field of psychology , it is best to have a Ph D. I might as well go for it and be a psychiatrist instead. I just wonder if I'm doing the right thing when it came to my decision not to major in biology . If not , I can at least think about changing my major to biology immediately and notify the universities that have applied to so you can avoid any problems when classes actually start . Then you probably could just minor in psychology . Not sure, but in any case , I hope that I can still major in psychology and still have a chance of being accepted into a good medical program . Thanks in advance for the help . :)

  • 8Psychology major, biology minor for dental school?

    My plan is to go to dental school after college , if I could jump undergrad and go straight to dental school , I would. I'm actually very interested in psychology , and I do not want to be another in biology apply to dental school , so plan on majoring in psychology . In order to meet the requirements of pre - dentistry and increase my understanding of the material , I also plan to minor in biology. Would it be too much work ? Do not even need less in bio , or I can take the courses they need for dental school and be okay?

  • 9Can I still go to medical school if I do a major in Psychology and a minor in Biology?

    I like the medicine , but I also love psychology. I'd really like to go to either medical school or graduate school .

  • 10Double Major- Exercise Physiology and Psychology with a Minor in Biology?

    Could Double Major in Exercise Physiology and Psychology and minor in biology ? I do not want to be an athletic trainer . I plan to continue graduate school after undergraduate , if I have too . What I can enter races with that? I do not want to work in a high school or have a coach . I love sports and psychology , but I can not do sports . Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ( :

  • 11I am a Psychology major with a double minor in Biology and Cognitive Sciences... what careers could I pursue?

    Are there high paying careers without medical school in psych / mental health field ?

  • 12Double major in human biology and chinese studies and minor in psychology at UCSD?

    I have the intention to go to pharmacy school after UCSD . Human biology is something I'm very interested in Chinese studies is something I have to do, that interests me . My future career is to go to China / Taiwan / Hong Kong / Singapore. That's why I Double Major in Human Biology and Chinese studies . But that will only be 3 classes per quarter . (I have plan to stay for 5 years ) I also minor in psychology ? Since also fascinates me and that can complement my future career in the medical field . But this extension is too wide ? ( as it does for a lot, but that does not mean I'm an expert at it ... ) Help ?