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QWhy can't I find a job?

It's been two years since the last time I had a job. I've been a homemaker for almost two years and am now trying to re-enter the workforce in New Orleans , LA, without success . I recently had to apply for social services to help my family survive four continue to do so only my husband's income . I send about 20 resumes each week , either by mail or email. I've had two interviews already , but no job offers. I do not know what else to do .. I have two little ones who depend on me and my husband for all your needs . I thought being extremely polite (I have a BS and MS degrees in psychology and social work ) would help me get ahead but it has not helped so far .. Any suggestions .

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#1jueAnswered at 2012-12-24 18:43:57
Sorry about your masters . I have read many times that if you do not get a Ph.D. in psychology - . You fall in social work Rated by Yahoo Finance as the third lowest pay grade with only Spanish and art. Once you get a job, go to night school and get a doctorate . I read the average salary is 90K per year . Go to temporary agenices . Visit also the employment / unemployment office in the mornings before 10 hours. They will have a table or a table with open jobs . Points down and go directly to the site and fill out an application . Try to get some retail secretariat and that will get you nowhere ...
#2rhodiumAnswered at 2013-03-15 09:55:46
Perhaps you should review your resume and make sure you are targeting the type of work for their grades . The site below at source will provide great information about why you can not get a job . It also has a list of questions that maybe made ​​, the questions you can ask during an interview and interviewing tips . Remember that the job market is tough, so you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd in their cover letters and resumes, during the interview . Good luck
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Why can't I find a job?

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